Terrelle Pryor: He Should Study the Raiders Playbook and Serve His Suspension

Gary BurzellCorrespondent IIISeptember 4, 2011

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, PA - AUGUST 20:  Terrelle Pryor works out during his pro day at a practice facility on August 20, 2011 in Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Sunday morning, the NFL Network started reporting that Oakland Raiders rookie Terrelle Pryor will appeal his five-game suspension. As the day has progressed, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that it isn't clear if Pryor would, in fact, appeal the suspension.

Pryor was taken in the third round of the supplemental draft by the Raiders last month. At the time he said he had no plans to appeal his suspension, but now that his five-game suspension has begun, he appears to be having second thoughts.

I think it would be a bad idea by Pryor to appeal his suspension. He will only get negative press from his actions and most likely will not get the suspension lifted.

He may get the suspension reduced by a game or two, but I still don't think that would be in Pryor's best interests.

Pryor missed most of training camp, hasn't played a single down in an NFL game and should not be in a hurry to try and join the Raiders before Week 6.

He is so far behind the other players the best thing he could do is study the playbook and work with the Raiders coaches. His time will come soon enough. It is better to be prepared and have a decent chance at success than to join the team earlier and not have success because he isn't prepared.

Besides not being ready to play an NFL game, an appeal would send the wrong message from the young man from Ohio State. He needs to realize public perception is important. If the perception is that he is willing to take some punishment for his actions, the public will respond kindly.

If instead he appeals, there are many in the public who will believe he is not being accountable for his actions in the memorabilia-for-cash scandal that cost Ohio State coach Jim Tressel his job.

Pryor will be eligible to join the Raiders' active roster on October 10, until then he should keep a low-key public presence, and work harder than he ever has in his life. Then perhaps success will come his way in the NFL.