Robbie E: 4 Reasons Why He Should Win the Television Title Next Week on IMPACT

Charlie GSenior Writer ISeptember 3, 2011

Robbie E: 4 Reasons Why He Should Win the Television Title Next Week on IMPACT

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    It's no secret that I'm a big Robbie E fan. 

    Most people hate his gimmick, but I love it.

    It is that exact Jersey Shore gimmick that earned Robbie a TV title match next week on IMPACT. Champion Eric Young mistook Robbie E for "Johnny D" or Pauly D from Jersey Shore, and since both guys are TV stars, they're going to have a match.

    I wrote an article about Robbie leaving the X Division and going after the TV title. Most readers left negative comments about my dude and laughed at the idea. 

    Here are four reasons why Robbie E should become your new Television Champion.

Rob Terry

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    This one is optional.

    For the past two weeks, Robbie E has been asking Big Rob if he wants to become Robbie's bouncer. Rob Terry never actually declined. Well, he actually has yet to verbally respond to Robbie.

    Rob Terry was in the gym when EY issued the challenge to Robbie E.

    Little Robbie told Big Robbie to buy a ticket for this bus before it takes off or gets full or something.

    Rob Terry can be a big factor in the TV title match next week.

Robbie Would Wrestle Other WRESTLERS!

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    Eric Young has hardly defended the belt since he won it.

    Correction: EY has hardly defended the belt against any active wrestlers.

    He's been challenging celebrities and past wrestlers.

    At least if Robbie wins the title, matches will take place in a squared circle, not a golf course or a gas station.

    We may actually see a "real" TV title match on IMPACT.

EY's Character

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    Eric Young's character is entertaining, but it's not championship material. Clearly.

    At Lockdown, EY ripped his pants off and climbed out of the cage despite the fact that a pin fall was needed to win the tag-team match. 

    EY painted his face and acted like the Great Muta to defeat Ken Anderson.

    EY fed two horses bucket loads of beans, which made them crap a lot; we all know what EY, and more so, Kurt Angle did with the feces.

    EY dressed as a chef for one of Immortal's parties.

    Eric has been scanning Hollywood and making comedy skits with numerous people.

    These are all hilarious things that Eric has done—but nothing a champion or your typical wrestler would do. With EY's current gimmick, it's impossible to take him seriously in a match.

    Unless Eric Young is a serious heel like the one we saw when World Elite ran its course, I don't want him anywhere near championship gold.

Robbie E May Restore Much-Needed Credibility

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    This is where most people will tend to disagree.

    They think Robbie is a joke.

    I'm just saying that we have better chances of Robbie restoring credibility to the title than with Eric Young. 

    With Robbie, we will see TV title matches between actual wrestlers in an actual ring in front of a real crowd. That certainly sounds better than what Young has been doing.