Could Brandon Jacobs Fly?

David GellerAnalyst INovember 18, 2008

Could it be possible?


After Earth, Wind, and Fire gashed into the league’s top-rated rush defense for 210 yards, Brandon Jacobs clearly had no issue with flexing his muscles (literally and figuratively) in talking about how dominant this Giants rushing attack is.


In a game where Jacobs ran over the league’s most feared, Jacobs' hardest hit may have come after the game.


“We’re capable of doing anything. You might see one of us fly one day, you never know.”


As word of this statement permeated through the scientific community, Jacobs has received endless criticism and disapproval. One scientist, who wished to remain unnamed, came to Brandon Jacobs’s press conference on Sunday and hesitantly asked the 6’4, 265-pound freak of nature if what he said on Sunday was taken out of context.


“No. Absolutely not. And it’s closer to happening then you think.”


Jaws dropped in the room. What in the name of Sir Isaac Newton was going on? Jacobs left the room bewildered at the negative response he was receiving. As he headed out, he shouted one more thing towards the media.


“Y’all doubted us last year! How’d that work out for you?”


Shortly after the waves of aftershock faded, there was a mad scramble to the lockers of the Giants most outspoken, starting with Antonio Pierce:


“I remember reading last year it was impossible to beat the undefeated Patriots. Heck, they wrote a book before the game even started saying how they had already made history. 13.5-point dogs, remember? The same people that gave us no chance last year are the same guys in here doubting our running backs. And the result will probably be the same (points to the reporters): You guys being wrong.”


Eli Manning:


“Remember that Eagles game a couple of Sundays ago? Jacobs was accelerating upward until he was smashed. At no point in his leap was he ever falling, until he was pulled. Give him the runway at Newark Airport, and you may be surprised at what this guy can do.”


Tom Coughlin:


“Some of you think that flying is’re entitled to that opinion. But you can’t spell the word impossible without ‘opp’ and you can’t spell opportunity without ‘opp.’ This is just another challenge for our backs, and I’m excited to see how they handle it."


These points are valid. Everything the Giants have been told they can’t do the last year they’ve been able to do. Physics say that an object of Ahmad Bradshaw’s size can’t carry an object of Ty Warren's for five yards. Yet he did.


The Law of Football says that when a team loses 25 sacks of production, their defensive play takes a major blow. Yet they improved.


If you are an analyst, scientist, chemist, whatever—do not doubt these Giants at anything. This includes flying. Brandon Jacobs means business, and he will make a fool out of you if you choose to believe that he will not meet his goal.