Arsenal 2-8 Man Utd: Gunners Have 3 Days to Fire Arsene Wenger and Save Season

Andres EhrliCorrespondent IIIMarch 24, 2017

I actually feel sorry for Arsenal fans. Such a great fanbase just doesn't deserve the rout they got today by losing 8-2 at Old Trafford. They don't deserve Arsene Wenger as their manager either. I do believe he's done a good job with the Gunners, but let's face it: He just don't win enough matches. And his under-23 player fetish is just plain wrong. 

Arsenal fans are passionate. Although, I do believe they live in an alternate fantasy reality where the Gunners are one of the top teams in Europe, Robin van Persie is one of the world's best (he's really not) and Cesc Fábregas doesn't want a move to Barcelona.

They also live in a world where they're honestly more worried discussing "transfer ethics" and "tapping up" when a player clearly wants out than they are about a manager (and a team) that has won absolutely nothing and is basically Europe's laughing stock.

They're not called "Farsenal" in Spain for nothing.

I've seen your passion, Gunners. The love you have for your club is clearly there. And as a fellow passionate fan, let me tell you this: It's time to fight for your club. Not with Barcelona. Not with Cesc Fábregas. But with the man above: Arsene Wenger.

He's just not good enough anymore.

There are two instant candidates in Rafa Benitez and Louis van Gaal who could instantly improve Arsenal. With a few signings, of course. And for that to happen you have to beat the August 31st deadline.


So Arsenal has three days to do it.

Leave your alternate reality and enter the real one, Gunners: Arsene must leave. You guys deserve better.

Unless you still believe Arsenal can beat Barcelona after today. Then you can keep him (and your delusions) as long as you want.   



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