TNA: 10 Wrestlers Who Deserve a Shot at the Television Title

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 28, 2011

TNA: 10 Wrestlers Who Deserve a Shot at the Television Title

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    Eric Young's reign as TNA's World Television Champion needs to come to an end.

    What in the name of Tully Blanchard is going on?

    Young is a great performer and can put together a great match. But lately, he is nothing more than a pawn and bad gimmick in TNA and on Impact.

    Fighting with Scott Baio? PLEASE!

    What TNA needs to do is find a reason to strip him of the title or have someone finally beat him in a wrestling match.

    Since the Bound for Glory Series is almost complete and there will be competitors left off the list of finalists, there will plenty of suitors and other wrestlers who will want gold around their waist.



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    He was the last wrestler to hold the title before Young conned him out of the title.

    If Gunner does not make it to the Bound For Glory finals, then he should still be in line for TNA gold.

    Isn't there a contract clause for a rematch or something?

    Gunner is part of the future of TNA and deserves to wear a strap again.

D'Angelo Dinero

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    The Pope and Devon are in this strange "Love/Hate" angle that makes sense one minute and feels like Peyton Place the next.

    The Pope is too talented to be held down and gold would show TNA is committed to his development and maybe he will receive better storylines.

Matt Morgan

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    When he gets back from his injury, he is going to be one pissed man.

    He was the leader of the BFG series and since has watched it blow away. Winning the television title is the second most coveted title in the company.

    And Morgan needs to have a strap to challenge for world title gold.

Bobby Roode

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    He has had a great showing in the BFG Series, but I don't see him sticking around with James Storm afterward.

    Roode is on his way to superstardom. Winning a singles title will help that path.


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    He has been on top of the title picture in the BFG Series for most of the competition. But I do not see him winning this thing, even with the "Streak" in tact.

    Crimson is young and very talented and yes, he is the future of this company.

    If he does not win world gold, the television title is a nice consolation.

Rob Terry

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    I know this sounds odd, but I always throw a monkey wrench in these types of lists.

    Terry is a muscle god and a good performer and is just toiling in TNA right now. The vignette Thursday with Robbie E was pointless, and I am hoping that is not a signal of things to come.

    As a singles competitor he should be getting more of a push.

    Maybe this is the way to do that.

Austin Aries

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    If he does not claim X-Division gold, then maybe this is a way to go.

    I would love it if Jeff Hardy and Aries were involved in a feud–provided Hardy is back to his former self.

    TNA needs more guys like this who are brash, great on the mic and can wrestle.


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    I believe he will show his face in TNA next week, but until then, where does he fit?

    Kazarian is a great worker and a solid X-Division wrestler. The T.V. Title would be a great way to get back into the main stream of the rotation in terms of creative finding solid angles for him to work with against major competition.


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    My thoughts on this are simple. Abyss needs a new character. And the angle with Immortal has to explode at some time.

    Abyss could have a face change, take the title and fight against Gunner or Bully Ray. That would create more excitement in the ring and add another storyline.

Bully Ray

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    Personally, I believe he was headed toward greatness, but somewhere it was halted with storylines.

    Bully Ray needs a singles title and if the world title is not in his future, then this would be a great stepping stone.

    Ray could start a feud with Abyss or Gunner or a singles takeoff from their stable days with Fortune and challenge James Storm or Bobby Roode.

    Anything to keep Ray fresh and in the title hunt somehow.

What Do You Think?

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    I know what you're thinking, but I was asking for your opinion.

    Who do you think should be added to this list?

    I'll be waiting...