IMPACT Wrestling: 10 Reasons You Must Watch the September 1 Edition of IMPACT

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 28, 2011

IMPACT Wrestling: 10 Reasons You Must Watch the September 1 Edition of IMPACT

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    After checking out the IMPACT Wrestling website, I'm more excited for next week than ever.

    Next week seems like a big one for IMPACT Wrestling, especially with No Surrender just weeks away.

    The show looks to be packed with great stuff and I have to say, I've got high expectations. The card only has three matches advertised so far, but I cannot wait!

    Here are 10 reasons why you MUST tune into IMPACT Wrestling on September 1.

    Please, do not post any spoilers.

Knockouts Title Match

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    Winter beat Mickie James for the Knockouts title at Hardcore Justice after spitting some sort of mist or blood in Mickie's face.

    Winter clearly cheated to win and Mickie wants her rematch on the next episode of IMPACT.

    Can Winter defeat Mickie again?

    How will Angelina Love affect the match?

The Show's on the Road!

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    This isn't any normal edition of IMPACT. Nope, not this week.

    This week, the tapings took place in Alabama!

    Finally, they leave the IMPACT Zone and change the setting up a bit. Last time they left the IMPACT Zone was in April for Lockdown, I believe.

    It's always great to watch IMPACT in a different setting. It feels like a whole new atmosphere and things just seem bigger and better.

    Who else thinks that the Alabama crowd will be better than the crowd in the IMPACT Zone?

AJ Styles vs. Daniels

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    AJ Styles vs. Daniels is always a pay-per-view quality show.

    In fact, it has been. Plenty of times.

    Most recently, AJ beat Daniels back at Destination X in July. Daniels wants to redeem his loss and put himself to the test to see if he deserves to be in IMPACT Wrestling.

    I think Daniels has never beaten AJ one-on-one.

    Both guys are very similar and put on a great match.

    Can this be Daniels' last match in IMPACT Wrestling?

Final 4 Named

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    The final four in the BFG Series will be named.

    I've heard people call the BFG Series the best thing since the Money in the Bank concept. Now it's almost over and the final four will be named.

    The four guys with the top scores are:

    1. Crimson (50)

    2. Bully Ray (42)

    2. Bobby Roode (42)

    3. James Storm (40)

    4. Gunner (35)

    4. RVD (35)

    With Gunner and RVD tied and Bully Ray and Roode tied, you can bet those guys will battle it out in order to make the final four.

Update on Crimson

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    Crimson is the points leader in the series and still undefeated.

    If you missed last week, then you didn't see Samoa Joe brutally attack Crimson and possibly take the red-hot rookie out of action.

    After Samoa Joe's attack on knee and leg, will Crimson be able to compete?

What's Next for Samoa Joe?

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    Samoa Joe has been a one-man wrecking machine.

    Joe injured Devon, Pope and Crimson. All three guys were in the BFG Series.

    Will Joe continue to take out the competition? How will IMPACT officials and BFG Series competitors react to his recent attacks?

    Who is next on Joe's hit list?

Mr. Anderson

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    Mr. Anderson still has some heat with Immortal's Bully Ray after a beatdown two weeks ago.

    Last week, Anderson attacked Gunner and Scott Steiner on IMPACT. He put Steiner through a table and busted Gunner open with use of a chain.

    With Immortal possibly taken out, will Anderson finally get to Bully Ray?

Sting, Hogan and Flair Saga

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    This has been stirring in recent weeks.

    The power struggle and Sting fighting for Dixie Carter.

    The three legends had a confrontation on IMPACT last week and Sting issued a match to Hogan for Bound For Glory.

    Will Hogan accept The Icon's challenge?

World Title Match

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    That's right, the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line.

    "The Icon", Sting, is using his rematch clause against champion Kurt Angle. Here's the catch: Hulk Hogan is the special enforcer in this match.

    You can bet the odds are stacked against Sting but can his wild, Joker-like antics prove to be the difference?

    The F'n World Heavyweight Championship is on the line.

    It's always a gift to watch a free World title match, regardless of the organization!

Jeff Hardy Returns

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    "The Charismatic Enigma."

    The two-time TNA Heavyweight Champion.

    "The Anti-Christ of Pro Wrestling."

    Jeff Hardy returns to IMPACT Wrestling.

    Jeff was last seen unable to compete in a Victory Road main event title match. Since then, he has had his hands tied with the law and personal issues.

    Jeff was kicked out of Immortal and left as a heel.

    How will he return?

    Will it be as "The Charismatic Enigma" or "The Anti-Christ"?

Honorable Mentions

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    The new X Division talent may be on display next week.

    The X Division is always fun and energetic to watch.

    Eric Young may send in a clip of his recent Hollywood adventure and fight with Scott Baio.

    Also, RVD vs. Gunner in a BFG Series match.