Sting/Ric Flair, Television Championship and Other Post-Impact Thoughts

Anthony PetronzioContributor IIIAugust 27, 2011

I'll start this article off by saying this is not a recap of Impact, rather than it is a collection of thoughts I have after watching Impact this week. I thought this week's Impact was a big improvement over recent ones, and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. If I had to grade it I'd give a B or a B+. Based on that, I will explain what I feel TNA did well this week and where they can improve, so without further waiting, let's get started.

Sting/Ric Flair/Hulk Hogan

I'm fully aware of how many people are not a fan of this feud, or that Flair and Hogan are on TV at all. Even I've written a previous article about Hulk Hogan's television time.

However, this week I think these 3 legends showed how to cut a promo. Sting had me laughing with his mockery of Hogan and Flair, especially the milk and cookies line. Flair also sold him and Sting as a genuine rivalry that you can't find anywhere else. While I'm unsure about seeing them wrestle, I'll watch them on the mics anytime.

This was also the first time on Impact that a Hogan-Sting match-up has been mentioned for Bound For Glory. If this match is going to happen, which I'm hoping it does not for Hogan's health, TNA has been doing a good job of building it up. We'll see if the company is added as a stipulation later on.

Television Championship

Sometimes with Impact it feels like it's one step forward and two steps back. The TV title is a perfect example of this.

I hate the state of the title right now, it's one of the biggest things I've ever disliked with TNA. It's hard to believe these comedic segments are for a legitimate championship belt. This belt was once worn by stars like Kevin Nash and AJ Styles. Television titles are supposed to be belts that are defended every week on TV, and almost act as a proving ground for wrestlers.

Why is Eric Young wearing it at a golf course in LA?

Impact needs to fix the Television Championship ASAP.

State of the Knockouts

I'm intrigued by the "Knockout Law" idea, mostly because I don't know what to expect. It's also nice to have Traci Brooks back in TNA. Maybe Knockout Law will mean Sarita and Rosita can't barge into dressing rooms and terrorize whoever is in there.

There will be more to say on the Knockout division after next week's Impact, with includes a Mickie James-Winter match for the title Winter currently holds. TNA probably could've built this match up more, but I'm looking forward to it anyway.

Samoa Joe and the BFG Series

The first elimination in the Bound For Glory Series is coming up, and it appears our front runners are Crimson, James Storm, and Bobby Roode. (On a side note: I'm on the fence about a possible Beer Money break-up. They're both talented singles wrestlers, and also one of the best tag teams around.)

Rob Van Dam is also making a ferocious comeback after the incidents with Jerry Lynn. I'm actually interested in seeing if he can come back. A submission from him on Pope genuinely surprised me.

With that, I'm borderline on Samoa Joe right now. I like how TNA has him following through on his plan to ruin everybody's title shots, but at the same time I don't like how much it's affecting the series. If Joe continues this rampage, we could see some interesting feud coming up later in the year.

Impact Leaving Orlando

I'm really excited for this. Anyone who has tuned into Impact recently has noticed that the Impact Zone goes dead sometimes, which in turn makes the show less exciting to watch.

Anytime I tune into Raw or Smackdown the crowd is loud and going crazy. Often, Impact's crowd is very quiet and appears uninterested. That is not a good way to present a product.

However, at live shows I've been to the crowd is very into what's going on, and I expect to see that on this week's Impact. I feel a good crowd can makes the show seem a lot better.

Quick Closing Thoughts

-I like the Kid Kash/Jesse Sorensen feud so far, but the new X-Division stars need more build-up before being put in matches.

-Matt Morgan is great on commentary and really sells how important the Heavyweight title is to the wrestlers.

-AJ Styles said he couldn't have a match with Daniels at No Surrender because he'll be in the top 4 of the BFG standings. Next week is the last week to get up there, and he needs more points to get there, so he wrestles...Daniels?

Please leave comments and tell me how you feel about Impact or the article. Thanks for reading!