Pittsburgh Steelers Midseason Review: Part Two

Nicholas CaseCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008

A little over a week ago I did part one of a mid-season review of my pre-season preview (part one and two in the links) for the Pittsburgh Steelers

If you understood that, then read on for part of (questions 5-1) of the mid-season review of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Part one, linked above, answered the questions of:

10.) Will Ben continue to improve?

9.) How much gas does Hines Ward have left in the tank?

8.) Heinz Field: benefit or burden? 

7.) Will Troy Polamalu stay healthy? 

6.) Are the Browns really a threat?

Now, on to the mid-seasons answers for questions 5-1:

5.) Has Willie Parker fully recovered?

The answer is mixed; however, the short answer is yes, he has recovered. 

His broken leg no longer bothered him at the start of the season. In his first two games he showed with with big games, 138 yards and 105 yards, against the Texans and Browns respectively. In the 8 weeks since then, however, Willie has put put a total of 90 yards while missing weeks four, five, seven, eight, and ten with various injuries from his current "shoulder sublexation" where your shoulder pops out of socket and back in at once and knee issues. 

While draft pick Rashard Mendenhall has proven to not be the answer after being knocked out in week four against Baltimore with a broken collar bone, the Steelers have been blessed with continued depth and had Mewelde Moore come in as a replacement with three big weeks where he gathered over 300 yards total against the Jaguars, Bengals, and Giants

4.) What impact will Rashard Mendenhall have on offense?

This answer is simple.

His total season stats for the rest of the year will remain:

Games played: 4  Carries: 19  Yards: 58  Yards Per Carry: 3.1  TDs: 0  Fumbles: 0

After an encounter with Ray Lewis in week 4, he broken his collar bone and is out for the season. Here's to hoping he learns from the side lines and can pick things up next year.

3.) Will Steely McBeam be back?

He is. And honestly...not such a bad guy. Still not a fan, however.

2.) Will the Rooney's sell away ownership?

Any worry of ownership changing hands has finally been quelled. 

The Rooney's have reached a deal that keeps ownership squarely in the family and in Dan and son Art II's hands for the time being. The remaining brothers whose shares are being bought out, the four of them, around $750 million. Everyone walks away pretty happy, if I do say so myself.

1.) How will the O-line look this year?

The O-line is what is truly keeping this team from being un-beaten. With their lack of protection, Ben has had little time to look around the field and really see plays. He's also been hit so many times that he is banged up. It's effecting every part of his play. If the o-line were better, Willie/Rashard/Mewelde would be raking up better numbers.

Their defense is best in the NFL. With the weapons they have their 6-3 record could easily still be 9-0.  Each of their three defeats have come by a touchdown or less. The tide was turned in each game by a poor offensive play, namely Ben's INTs against the Colts and the overturned touchdown against the Giants. These are a result of the poor O-line.


How much time is left in the Steelers season? At least nine games for sure. Hopefully some playoff games will be in their future. It all depends on how the o-line plays, who gets healthy, and if Ben can get out of his funk.