Pittsburgh Steelers' Top-10 Questions for 2008: Part Two

Nicholas CaseCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

In part one of the 10 questions needing to be asked by Steelers fans in 2008, I went through questions 10 through six. As always, feel free to click the link to see what was written, but to recap:

10.) Will Ben continue to improve?

9.) How much gas does Hines Ward have left in the tank?

8.) Heinz Field: benefit or burden? 

7.) Will Troy Polamalu stay healthy? 

6.) Are the Browns really a threat?

If that wasn't enough, there are five more to go. Starting with:


5.) Has Willie Parker fully recovered?

Last year, he carried the team on his able shoulders and thighs as well he could, ranking fourth in the league with 1,316 rushing yards on 321 attempts before a fractured fibula took him out for the remaining two games.

Is Fast Willie back to 100 percent?

If he is, do you still ride him the whole season? I've always felt that Willie was not a No. 1 back, as the bulk of his yards came against lesser teams. He's best utilized as a complementary 1A back.

Does the coaching staff have the right people around him right now to use him as such, and will he be as healthy and as speedy as before?


4.) What impact will Rashard Mendenhall have on offense?

In college he was a beast. He was physical, strong, tough, and durable. In lesser words, the perfect complement for Willie Parker.

However, that's college.

Couple that with the fact that he almost never finished his college career because of a tift with coach Ron Zook, and it has to make you wonder if he can take the emotional abuse that the NFL season takes on you. I'd wager that whatever Zook said will pale in comparison to what will be said by others during camp and the season.

Further, will he be the 1B back to Willie Parker's 1A, using both to their potential and enhancing each other's abilities?


3.) Will Steely McBeam be back? 

I mean...seriously people...what the hell is this thing?


2.) Will the Rooney's sell away ownership?

It's not just a question of a changing of the guard in terms of no longer having the one constant under the belt, as it is so much more than that.

Will the Rooney's bring in Super-Fan Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller? If they do (perhaps to the estimated tune of $929 million, the franchise's current worth according to Forbes), how would he run it? Would he become Daniel Snyder and try to purchase a team, or would he become more like Pittsburgh native Mark Cuban and let the product develop?

This could be a big deal, especially with the potential lack of a salary cap in the near future. What will the Rooney's do?


And finally...


1.) How will the O-line look this year?

With the loss of Alan Faneca to the Jets, an already porous offensive line looks even weaker on paper.

The Steelers did not do much to address the line in the offseason, instead entrusting it to those who were already playing.

Will they be better this year after a season of experience, or is the coaching staff hoping that the prospects of Ben Roethlisberger's scrambling, the hands of Limas Sweed, Santonio Holmes, Hines Ward, Nate Washington, Heath Miller, and Matt Spaeth, as well as the legs of Willie Parker, Rashard Mendenhall, and possibly Kevin Jones, will keep teams from rushing too hard on Ben?


These were the 10 questions for Steelers fans, which, right now, have no answer. The 10 questions that will affect how everyone's Monday is once September comes. The 10 questions that will be answered by February. The 10 questions that you, as a Steelers fan, must ask yourself until Sept. 7.