CM Punk: 3 Reasons Why Changing His Theme Music Was Necessary

Sean O'Neil@snoneilSenior Analyst IAugust 25, 2011

CM Punk: 3 Reasons Why Changing His Theme Music Was Necessary

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    When CM Punk defeated John Cena at the Money in the Bank pay per view on July 17 this year, the theme music which he had since his first day in the WWE struck over the speakers in The United Center in Chicago.

    This Fire Burns, by Killswitch Engage, never sounded better as Punk held his WWE Championship over the body of Cena, with Vince McMahon staring into the ring in horror.

    CM Punk left Chicago that night with the WWE Championship and when he returned 8 days later at Monday Night RAW a new song began to play on the speakers, Cult of Personality by Living Colour.

    Many think that this was the wrong time for the WWE to have Punk change his theme music, but here are a few reasons why it was in fact the perfect and most necessary time to have it happen.

New Contract, New Song

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    After CM Punk made his return to the ring, it was announced by Triple H that Punk had been re-signed to a new contract with the company.

    When a contract signing as big as this one is made, I think that there needs to be a statement made with that contract. Don't get me wrong, Punk is a statement himself, but the music elevated that to a whole new level.

    When "Cult of Personality" first played on RAW on July 25, Cena stood in the ring looking puzzled (along with everyone else); he had absolutely no idea whose music was playing. The music gave Punk the element of surprise, and it has given Punk a new look to go along with his new contract.

Something Fresh for the Future Face of the WWE

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    For the last several years, the face of the WWE has undoubtedly been that of John Cena. Whenever anyone thinks of the music for the top dog in the business, they think of the lyrics for "My Time Is Now."

    The WWE seems to be departing from the "PG Era" and entering a new "Reality Era." And with a new era comes the need for a new face. Over the last couple of months, the WWE has shown they intend on making CM Punk the new face of the company—and this move required a song change.

    John Cena is currently the face of the WWE and his theme song has very memorable lyrics. If Punk is to become the future face of this company, he cannot have the screaming lyrics of "This Fire Burns" as his trademark. 

    In the future, Punk will be referred to as the "Best in the World" and the "Cult of Personality." The lyrics gave him a label that nobody will forget about anytime soon.

Punk IS the Cult of Personality

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    A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media or other methods to create a heroic image. CM Punk used the fans of the WWE to create this image, and as a result he has become the hero of this company.

    The first lyrics of Punk's new theme song are, "Look in my eyes, and what do you see? The cult of personality." Punk has become this cult of personality and despite the fact that "This Fire Burns" was perfect for Punk just a few months ago, "Cult of Personality" is the perfect fit today.

    His lack of fear in saying whatever comes to his mind, along with his confidence on the microphone, has made him the most dominant and intriguing figure in this business.

    I am fairly certain that I have  seen the cult of personality in his eyes every Monday on RAW.


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    "Are you listening now?"

    That is what CM Punk said when he entered the ring with a megaphone in hand the Monday before "Money in the Bank" on RAW. I think it is safe to say that after the last two months, everyone watching RAW on Mondays is sitting at the edges of their seats listening to what Punk has to say.

    "This Fire Burns" was one of the best theme songs in the WWE and I am going to miss listening to it on Mondays, but "Cult of Personality" fits in perfectly with this new era and it just might be a better theme song.

    Here's to the idiotic daughter and the doofus son-in-law.