A Cry From a Minnesotan: Please Go and Get Matt Cassel!

Ryan NelsonCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

Okay, so I know I said Matt Cassel would flounder after Tom Brady got hurt. You may now throw your tomatoes. I was wrong. He is a beast, and deserves a starting job.

So I thought about where he might start. I looked at three places: Minnesota, San Francisco, and Houston.

Houston has an okay starter in Matt Schaub, but their backup has a "backfire" tendency. San Francisco really needs a quarterback that can run and throw.

But I think his best fit would be in Minnesota. I look at Gus Frerotte, but does anyone think he'll be the guy for 10+ years? The answer is no. Matt Cassel is a better fit than Tarvaris Jackson.

Jackson is a runner, much like Vince Young in Tennessee. While he is a good leader, his style isn't good for a conservative, power offense. The same goes for V.Y. in Tennessee's offense. You don't really need a scrambler in a power offense.

Come to think of it, guys like V.Y. and Jackson are better suited in a southern-style offense, like Indianapolis or San Francisco. Those offenses are pass-oriented, so they can use their big arms, and still make plays on the ground.

Matt Cassel, however, is more of a pocket quarterback. He likes to be behind his O-line and throw the ball, but can be a leader during the running game too. He has a deadly play-action, and can draw defenders off with the draw.

To see Cassel and the Peterson/Taylor duo in the back field in the Metrodome on Sundays would be pretty amazing. I think his experience with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick could give him an advantage in the NFC.

Here's hoping he'll end up in purple.