Meet Brett Favre, Breaker Of The Madden Curse!

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

Ever since the Playstation 2 came out roughly ten years ago—when Eddie George graced the cover of Madden 2001—the thought of the Madden Curse has been all too real for many who follow the NFL

Many fans do not want their favorite player from their favorite team on the cover, fearing that if they appear on it, that the season is toast, and over with before it even starts. 

Eddie George was never the same after appearing on it.  He realized he was too big to be a running back (even though he was a great one), and was out of the NFL a few short seasons later. 

Daunte Culpepper, after appearing on the cover, almost left the NFL before he became the next great player due to an amazing amount of injuries.  He is now a shade of his former-self on the Detroit Lions, probably wishing that he will still coaching Pop Warner football. 

Marshall Faulk? He suffered almost every injury known to man, and he had to call it quits way to early. 

Michael Vick (enter punch line here).  Let's just say that he is in prison for at least another year probably (joking about this guy is too easy, so forget about even going there, it's to easy, sorry Mike). 

Ray Lewis went through a couple of rough seasons, but he seems to have shaken off the effects of appearing on the cover.  Still, he is depending on a rookie quarterback to lead the Ravens offense, and he may be the best one they have had since their Super Bowl victory years ago, which does not say much. 

Donovan McNabb, he couldn't hold his pregame meal in the waning minutes of the Eagles' Super Bowl loss against the Patriots (what did he have to eat before hand anyway, it could not have been that Campbell's Chunky Soup he pitches for). 

Shaun Alexander is now backing up some guy named Rock Cartwright in Washington currently as a third stringer.  Rock Cartwright?  For real?  We are all sorry Shaun!

Finally, Vince Young, he is currently behind a guy who is practically just along for the ride (minus one game) for the Titans.  He is backing up a guy who can barely move.  We all have you in our thoughts Vince. 

One gets the idea, the Madden cover appearance messes up careers. 

That is, unless you are Brett Favre

The man is 39 years old, he is currently the quarterback of the New York Jets, usually one of the most underachieving teams in the NFL on a yearly basis. 

The Jets are 7-3 and they have a chance in the AFC. The Titans seem to be beatable even though they are 9-0, and the Steelers cannot avoid throwing picks (Ben, avoid the cover, or, next time, a motorcycle accident may paralyze you, God forbid). 

In addition, Tom Brady, Mr. Cover Boy, Mr. I Date Models, went down with a knee that was more torn up than a flat tire on the side of a major highway in week one against one of the worst teams in the NFL currently, the Kansas City Jokes (excuse me, Chiefs). 

Everything has gone Favre's way ever since appearing on the cover.  He came out of retirement, getting his wish to play football again.  He has made the Jets relevant again (which this writer thought would never happen, he is a long suffering fan even though he loves his team), and he still has his starting games streak intact, which will increase to an amazing 286 starts in a row as long as he does not break a leg in practice next week preparing for the Titans. 

Leave it to Favre.  While everyone else gets eaten alive by something, he shrugs it off.  He has shrugged off being a cover boy, and at the same time, has broken the Madden Curse.  What's next? 

Will he walk on water?  Everyone near bodies of water, watch out, the man just may!