Jets Seize First Place in AFC East with Huge Win vs. Patriots

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent INovember 13, 2008

Move over Broncos verse Raiders

Take a hike Steelers verse Browns

Sit down Giants verse Cowboys

Don't even go there Packers verse Bears

There is a new top rivalry in the NFL between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.  In recent years the Patriots have owned the Jets, which increases the intensity between the rivalry.

The Patriots are the big brother that constantly beats up their younger brother, the Jets, who are just trying prove they belong in the same playground as the big kids.

The Jets proved they have staying power tonight when they beat the Patriots 34-31 in overtime and took first place in the division.  The Jets led 24-6 early in the game but blew the lead and it looked like the game could slip from their grasps.  The Jets, however, stepped up in overtime and were victorious.

The Jets picked up Brett Favre this season to help them win big games such as this one, and he proved himself tonight. Dustin Keller also proved the he may have been worth the high draft pick, and once again Thomas Jones proved he is one of the best running backs in the NFL, even if he is not as well known as others.

The defense and the special teams did just enough to squeeze out the win resulting in a 7-3 overall record and 3-1 record in the division, which will prove helpful at the end of their season.

The Patriots moved to a 6-4 overall record and 2-2 record in the division.  Unless they improve their game, or the Jets unlikely falter, it looks as if they could fall in the AFC standings for the first time in a long time.

Hold on, because the Patriots cannot be quickly counted out.  Look at the comeback they had tonight from 24-6, which almost landed them a stranglehold on the division.

At the same time, most don't expect the Jets to keep the good times rolling.  They're good, but they need to take the games they are expected to win, because until then even the die-hard fans refuse to get their hopes up.

The Jets, however, are healthy this year and half the Patriots are in the hospital, and the Patriots have to be knocked out sometime, right? 

Yes, they do, but will the Jets be the ones to do this?

As long as the Jets keep playing at this level, which I will cover in my next article, the sky is the limit.

What may keep the Jets from doing so?  Read my next piece.