R.I.P. TNA: Where Would TNA Talent Go in the Event of a Collapse?

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R.I.P. TNA: Where Would TNA Talent Go in the Event of a Collapse?

TNA minority co-owner Jerry Jarrett recently made the comments that unless the "cancer" is cut out of the creative process in TNA Wrestling, it's going to continue to be a drain on its parent company, Panda Energy, LLC.

Now, while this probably doesn't mean that TNA is going to collapse tomorrow, or even next year, it is an ominous sign when an owner publicly starts calling for dismissal of the head creative writer in Vince Russo. 

It's no secret that TNA is headed in the wrong direction, with frequent reports of backstage friction, disgruntled wrestlers, performers not being paid and poor ratings.  

With men like Russo, Hogan and Bischoff involved, TNA resembles the final years of WCW much more than it represents a company full of young stars and promise looking for a way to compete with the dominating WWE.

Should TNA go the way of WCW and collapse in the future, what would happen to some of the TNA talent currently signed to TNA both young and old? 

This article is going to take a look at some of the possibilities for TNA's biggest movers and shakers and promising young talents as it regards their future in the event of a TNA closure. 

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