WWE: How Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan Will Push Each Other to the Top

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIAugust 23, 2011

From here on out, this will be the place where the WWE universe and the IWC can vent about the lack of credible main event stars on Smackdown. 

Let's go down the list of superstars:

1. Randy Orton 
2. Mark Henry (No. 1 contender) 
3. Christian
4. Sheamus (potentially)

That seems to be it. 

Now, here is the list of superstars who are main event talent on Raw:

1. John Cena 
2. CM Punk 
3. HHH (if he wrestles) 
4. Kevin Nash (if he wrestles) 
5. The Miz 
6. Rey Mysterio (out with injury) 
7. John Morrison (up for debate) 
8. R-Truth (again, up for debate) 
9. Alberto Del Rio (WWE champion)

Raw has more candidates, 9-4. 

It will be 9-6 when two future megastars come into their own. 

Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan are a fraction of Smackdown's future. 

Without Edge and Undertaker, Del Rio and Mysterio's move to Monday nights, Bryan and Barrett will have to step it up. 

My sole purpose is to do a brief profile on each superstar and tell you why both of these men will push each other to the top. 

Daniel Bryan 

He started out as a part of the Nexus last year, but questionable (WWE's meaning of the word) actions to ring announcer Justin Roberts during a beatdown on Raw, saw him released from the company. 

His return was just as startling, as he was announced by John Cena to join his team against Nexus at SummerSlam 2010. Bryan's start on Monday night Raw became more questionable than most thought. 

Bryan's sentence (yes, I said it) was to be Derrick Bateman's pro on NXT: Season 2. This is the place where "most" superstars go, when WWE creative has no real plans for you at the moment. From NXT to the U.S. championship (strange transition), Bryan made a pretty outstanding leap. 

He defeated the Miz at Night of Champions for the belt.

According to most, the U.S. championship isn't as prestigious as it used to be. That is very true, but I believed Bryan could bring relevance back to the once-highly loathed belt. 

His reign lasted three months and was forced to job with the Bella twins. After losing the title to Sheamus on an episode of Raw in March, he was drafted to Smackdown, where he would rejuvenate his career. 

Bryan has done himself very well on Smackdown as of late. He was in a successful feud with Cody Rhodes. Then he launched himself for the WWE's third-biggest prize: the Money in the Bank briefcase.

He defeated seven other wrestlers to capture the case and he declared the case will be cashed in at Wrestlemania 28. Bryan Danielson has plenty of time to develop in to a main event talent, with new ring music and a tougher attitude. 

Hopefully, a feud with this man will develop him to the fullest. 

Wade Barrett 

My full-length feature of Wade can be read; but here's a briefer version.

Wade Barrett made an immediate impact in the WWE, in a short amount of time. 

Debuting with the Nexus, Barrett went faster than ever up the ladder, without dropping to the shadows (unlike Sheamus and Jack Swagger). 

From SummerSlam 2010 to the TLC pay-per-view, Barrett and the Nexus ran the show on Monday nights and defeated and beat down almost every wrestler. 

That is, until John Cena saved the day. 

Having not won any championships but competing in two title matches, he jumped ship to Smackdown to debut a new group called the Corre. 

Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Ezekiel Jackson accompanied him to destroy Friday nights. He did accomplish one thing the Nexus never accomplished: win a title. 

Barrett won the Intercontinental title, defeating Kofi Kingston on an episode of Smackdown in March. His reign was lengthy but was hampered by Big Zeke after being kicked out of the Corre weeks before. 

Wade failed to defeat Jackson in his title rematch, but he is moving on to bigger and brighter things with Daniel Bryan. 

Barrett and Bryan are being counted on by many fans to lead Smackdown with Orton and Sheamus into the new era of WWE. In my humble opinion, Barrett is the more "overall" talented between the two. 

I'm a huge DB fan, almost as much as Booker T; but Barrett has the wrestling skills, and his mic ability is also there. 

If Bryan lacks in one thing, it would be his power on the microphone. Judging by Morrison's backstage promo last week on Raw, his mic skills have gotten better. Morrison improved in that area and if he can, then I'm sure Bryan will improve as well. 

Some argue Bryan's wrestling ability make up for his lack of mic skills. Every IWC member knows what is absolutely imperative to have microphone skills in this business. 

These two will push each other to the top, if the rivalry continues that is. Barrett and Bryan acted as if they weren't even on the same show this past Friday. More emphasis was put on the 20-man battle royal, which Barrett lost.  

Judging by past shows, these two might battle for the briefcase. Wade believes Bryan doesn't deserve to hold the case. What do you guys think? Is Bryan not ready for the main event? Is Wade even ready?

I believe these two will excel to new heights that the WWE Universe has never seen before. A little of wrestling and mic skills will rub off on each other and both will take out more than entering the feud. What Barrett has Bryan needs and vice versa.

We could even witness a heel/face turn from one of the superstars, although both are comfortable as the character each one portrays. 

The question still looms, Who is more ready for the main event and which one will come out of this feud more successful? 

I hope you guys enjoyed this article. I'm trying to write more lengthy features these days. I appreciate every comment and read I receive!


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