Wade Barrett: Close Look at the Future Main Eventer

Jon FisherCorrespondent IIJune 12, 2016

My apologies for a feature on somebody not named CM Punk, John Cena or Triple H.  For those who are disappointed, read the CvC Finals between Chinmay and RiZE.  Both are about Punk, but they are both exceptional pieces of writing.

See that, Chin and RiZE? A simple plug never hurts now and then. 

Let me transition into the former Nexus and Corre leader himself, Wade Barrett

Wade made his debut with WWE when he participated in the first-ever season of NXT.  Along with Barrett were seven other men whom he would battle with until the end. 

On NXT, the participants competed in events such as barrel tosses, spontaneous promos, tag-team and singles matches.  The end result was Barrett would win the show, according to the weekly Pros poll. 

As of a matter of fact, he won the show mentored by none other than Chris Jericho.  He beat out fellow former Nexus member and current tag-team champion David Otunga. 

A lot of fans I speak to often criticize NXT for their lack of development of future stars.  My argument: Look at Barrett. 

Wade has it all to become a future main eventer.  He has the charisma, wrestling ability, emotion, definite heel-like persona and the vibe that portrays a star in the making. 

Proceeding to his victory of NXT: Season 1, the 2010 summer was just about to heat up, until June 7, 2010.  Every summer, WWE likes to spice things up a bit before SummerSlam.  In 2007, Vince McMahon blew himself up in his limo. This year, CM Punk performed his shoot promo. 

Last year, not just one man, but nine men, led an attack which shook the proverbial ground that WWE stand on. 

Those nine men would run through the entire WWE roster, even superman, John Cena.  The battle between the Nexus, as they would call themselves and the rest of the WWE, would culminate to a seven-on-seven tag match at SummerSlam. 

John Cena and his team vs. Wade Barrett and his team lit up the WWE's second biggest pay-per-view.  Barrett's team did end up losing the match, but it was just the start for the bare-knuckle brawler from England. 

The feud continued through Hell in a Cell and ended at the TLC pay-per-view.  Barrett finally cashed in his guaranteed WWE championship match at Night of Champions in a six-pack challenge match. He was unsuccessful, as he was eliminated by John Cena.

To make a long story short, Cena was forced to join Nexus and was Barrett's slave for weeks. 

After frustration turned its ugly head, Cena could not take it any longer.  Barrett then received his rematch clause against Orton at Survivor Series after a DQ at the previous PPV. 

If Barrett defeated Orton, Cena could leave Nexus, but if Orton won, Cena was fired by WWE. 

We all know the end result. Orton won, which meant bye-bye, Cena. 

John insisted on coming back every night on Raw to ruin Barrett's rule of terror.  Wade would face John Cena at TLC, and Cena was victorious, and that sent Barrett to the shadows for a brief moment. 

Wade Barrett found himself on Friday night Smackdown with Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater; they debuted as the Corre.  He immediately intended on winning a singles title for the first time in his career. 

Barrett was in lack of muscle, which Skip Sheffield provided for him in Nexus.  Ezekiel Jackson gave him all of the backbone he needed to be protected from any WWE superstar. 

His title hunt was successful rather quickly. After just two months on Smackdown; he won the Intercontinental title by defeating Kofi Kingston in March. 

On an episode of Smackdown in May, Barrett ordered Gabriel and Slater to attack Jackson, therefore kicking him out of the group.  Big Zeke got his revenge. 

Ezekiel attacked the Corre, just like Wade used to do in the Nexus.  Barrett then challenged Jackson to a title-match at Over the Limit.  Jackson eagerly accepted. 

At the pay-per-view, Slater and Gabriel intervened, and Barrett lost via disqualification, which meant the title did not change hands.  Jackson then invoked his rematch clause on the June 3 episode of Smackdown.  Zeke threw Barrett out of the ring, and he won via count-out.

Jackson continued his hunt for the title. 

Barrett then instructed the Corre to attack Jackson.  Being the coward he is, Wade fled ringside and left Gabriel and Slater to be fed to the angry lion. 

Ironically enough, that was the end for the Corre and for Barrett's title reign. 

At Capitol Punishment, Ezekiel Jackson defeated Wade Barrett to become the new Intercontinental champion.  It was a win/lose for Barrett, because that loss ignited his singles career. 

Since the loss at Capitol Punishment, Wade has been on the rise.  He competed in the Smackdown Money in the Bank match at MITB.  He lost, but this started a feud with the winner, Daniel Bryan. 

As wrestling fans watch in awe, both these men have put on great matches.  Just recently at SummerSlam, Barrett defeated Bryan, in which Wade looked very impressive. 

Currently, Wade Barrett is without a feud at the moment, unless his scuffle with Daniel Bryan continues tonight and further on.  Barrett, only 31, has plenty of time left with WWE, and his first major title will be sooner rather than later. 

With only a year under his belt in WWE, Barrett has been very impressive.  He is the sole reason NXT isn't a complete failure.  Wrestling and charisma oozes out of this man, and he puts on a display of excellence every week on Smackdown. 

My question to all of you is this: When will Barrett win his first major title?  I'm sure not a lot of people agree with Henry potentially feuding with Orton.  They would rather see a young up and coming main-event superstar take Orton's baby off of him for a while. 

Will the fans of Stu Bennett please stand up?


That's right.  I'm a Paul Heyman guy.