WWE '12: 6 Ways to Make It the Best WWE Game of All Time

Ryan SzAnalyst IIAugust 21, 2011

WWE '12: 6 Ways to Make It the Best WWE Game of All Time

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    From my experience writing on this section of Bleacher Report, I have come to realize that wrestling and video games are huge topics of discussion.

    And with THQ and the WWE set to release the new WWE '12 game this November, I thought it would be a good time to talk about what I want from this game, and I'm not alone in some of my thoughts.

    THQ has apparently really stepped it up this year by completely retooling the game from last year's Smackdown vs. Raw game. With the new Predator Technology, the hopes of a incredibly realistic game seems ever more possible.

    That along with the recent release of a partial roster, fans are salivating for this game and the Nov. 22 release date can't come any faster.

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More Destructible Arenas/Backstage Areas

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    This is just for realism's sake. As the announce tables are destructible, why not other things in the arena?

    I'm sure fans would like having the ability to break parts of the set design for PPV shows like throwing opponents into lights or through set walls.

    Even being able to break the crowd barriers would be a nice touch, since that is happening more and more on WWE shows.

Importing Created Items

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    As a player of every Smackdown game since its inception, there is one thing that has always annoyed me about the games and that's having to recreate my created wrestlers or created finishers.

    Now it's been made easier to fill up your CAW roster now that you can download other players' characters, but your original characters still need to be remade from scratch.

    Even if it you were just able to import characters from last year's games, I'm sure it would be very well received by fans of the series with the amount of time it would save them.

More Ways to Create a Finisher

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    One of the biggest improvements in the most recent Smackdown vs. Raw games is the ability to create your own finisher.

    When it was first introduced you could only make front grapple finishers and it was clunky at best when trying to make the perfect move to lay the smack down on your opponent. But recent improvements have allowed for finishers from the turnbuckle and even aerial finishers.

    But THQ can really improve on this feature by adding one or even two new areas that finishers can be done. Back grapple is an obvious choice and then either a running or ground finisher would be good options to have.

    With those options it could allow the player to maybe create a new submission hold or a high flying running attack if they created a Lucha style wrestler.

    Another thing that can be added is the ability to modify finishers already in the game. Last year players were able to do Jericho's Codebreaker, Orton's RKO, and even Triple H's Pedigree from the top turnbuckle, why can't other moves be the same?

    How about a Tombstone Piledriver from the middle rope or the Killswitch, maybe a Zig Zag? I can see this being possible with the new Predator technology that is being bragged about and how much freedom it allows the player.

Better Use of Weapons

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    One thing that has really changed through newer SvR games is the use of weapons. When the series started the weapons were good for infinite uses and would never show damage. Then they would disappear after four hits.

    In the last SvR game the same rule applied, but the weapon wouldn't disappear but rather break and lay wherever they were dropped for the rest of the match. This, along with being able to place weapons in position against the ropes or against the turnbuckle, has really improved weapon based matches.

    Yet it also limits the number of weapons that you can use during matches or the number of ladders and tables you can pull out during an extreme rules match.

    One way I would like to see this improved on is by allowing infinite weapons to be seen during weapon matches, or at least double the six or seven that are allowed now. Also allowing for more than one table or ladder to be used during an extreme rules match is a must, since it is extreme rules.

    Another thing that would be great to see is more options with placing weapons or using them, I'd like to see players be able to use ladders like stilts from the MITB match a couple years ago, stacking ladders on tables for high risk moves, or placing a table on top of two open ladders to create a scaffold of sorts, or any other things that players can think of to spice up their matches.

More Freedom in Universe Mode

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    Universe mode was a great addition to last years SvR game, but like all first time additions, there were quite a few kinks that need to be worked out. For one thing, I feel you should be able to put wrestlers in more than one stable or team, something that wasn't allowed last year.

    Also, the ability to have title matches on Raw and Smackdown needs to be added since that was very annoying last year where you had to jump through hoops in order to have "unofficial" title matches in last year's games.

    One other option that would be great is the ability to choose any pre- or post-match actions that could occur. Who wouldn't after picking their wrestler like to choose between just walking to the ring or attacking your opponent as he makes his entrance, or jumping him after the match?

    That way, you can really create strong face and heel characters in order to make if feel like the real WWE, rather than random actions that occur with no warning.

Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses

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    One thing that makes the WWE games so much fun is trying to unlock all of the bonuses that the games have. Unfortunately, last year's hidden gems left much to be desired since most of the hidden things were alternate costumes with half of those being civilian clothes for wrestlers.

    I would love for THQ to swing for the fences this year with the bonuses, mainly in the way of a hidden game. Recent remakes have had the same bonuses where you can find the full version of the original game once you beat a certain boss or pass a certain level.

    Splatterhouse is the most recent game that I can think of that has this bonus where the player can earn the chance to play all three of the original Splatterhouse games. What if THQ hid WWF Wrestlefest in WWE '12? I am sure fans would bust their humps trying to find that hidden gem.

    What if they updated it as well with the current roster being able to be played in the arcade style and animation of that awesome game and play through either the Royal Rumble or Tag Title modes?