Buffalo Bills: Terrelle Pryor's Pro Day Showings Could Add a Speed Boost

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Buffalo Bills: Terrelle Pryor's Pro Day Showings Could Add a Speed Boost
HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, PA - AUGUST 20: Terrelle Pryor throws during his pro day at a practice facility on August 20, 2011 in Hempfield Township, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

In case you missed it getting caught up in the hype for Buffalo's upcoming preseason battle with Denver, Terrelle Pryor, former Ohio State quarterback, held a pro day that was well attended and drew rave reviews.

Now these rave reviews didn't come from his 27/39 completion rate against thin air. Although, it is worth pointing out there were four drops by his receivers, but still, most quarterbacks can play pitch and catch fairly well.

What drew the news was the fact that this 6'5'', 230 pound man was clocking in between 4.38-4.41 in the 40-yard dash. This is leading many people to push for Pryor to make the move to receiver.

While those calls might be a little early, this does present an intriguing situation for Buffalo, who did have a scout in attendance at the event.

Is this the time for Buffalo to take on a project player? Should Pryor be that project? What will a move like this say to the team that has stocked itself up with many hungry veterans and some young, winning talent? These are questions that many in Buffalo will be asking.

One thing is certain, Pryor will be the prize of the upcoming supplemental draft and is giving this event more attention than it has had in years. So the questions are, what is Pryor likely to fetch, what is he worth, and should the Bills make a move?

The best comparison I can make to Pryor in recent drafts is Matt Jones, a quarterback with off-the- charts athleticism and questionable accuracy. His off-the-charts workouts left scouts in awe and pushed him up to the first round.

His workouts made scouts jaws drop, and they raved about his athleticism and potential. His performance on the field also led scouts to project him to different positions. All this together put Matt Jones into the first round, surprisingly, back in 2005.

Scouts and media types have been all over the place projecting what Pryor is worth in this supplemental draft. His agent went on record to boost him as a first-round pick, while some team representatives have been dismissive of Pryor as a selection all together.

Like him or not, it would be shocking if Pryor was passed up all together. It would also be a huge risk for a weaker team from last year like the Bills or Broncos to give up a high pick next year to take on a project like Pryor.

But is he worth perhaps the Bills new fourth-round pick that they obtained for Lee Evans? At least it would compensate for the loss of team speed, if the pick came through.

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