WWE Rumors: Has the WWE Contacted Matt Morgan from TNA?

Justin WatrySenior WriterAugust 19, 2011

This one surprises me, but it shouldn't be too surprising.

Basically, Matt Morgan was doing a chat Q&A the other night and was asked about WWE. No problem there—WWE are the major leagues, and he used to work there.

His answer, however, might have caught some people off guard.

"WWE gave me my start and gave me the tools to one day become the wrestler I am today and I am very thankful for my time there. I'd be lying if I said there's been no contact however as long as TNA remains as loyal as they've been to me and continue that loyalty I am very happy where I am at right now."

Wow—a lot of things to dissect, there.

Yes, WWE did give him his start, after impressing many during a Tough Enough try out. Yes, he should be thankful for his time there.

However, he then hints that there has been some contact between him and WWE.

I have no idea about his contract status, but if there has been interest from WWE, for what reason is he still on the Titanic's roster?

Jump off while you still can Mr. Morgan!

I have long said that Morgan fits the WWE. No matter how terrible his first run was, he just "fits" them right now.

He followed that up with the usual, "as long as they are loyal..." line. Yeah, TNA has been good to Morgan, but he sure did seem to leave the door open to leave DixieLand.

Maybe I am reading too far into it, but he closes the quote by saying: "I am very happy where I am at right now".

Yeah—right now. Injured.

Again, this could be a big stink about nothing, but Morgan is one of the few TNA talents that WWE would sign in a heartbeat should he become available.

The question then goes back to Morgan. You may be happy now, but what about the future?