WWE: What Is in Store for Christian Once He Returns to Smackdown?

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIAugust 20, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back from my lengthy hiatus, which can be contributed to distractions, laziness, lack of inspiration and some time away from my computer. But for all my loyal fans, the wait is finally over—I am back.

Now we are coming off the heels of what I believe to be an awesome SummerSlam PPV. All the matches were from decent to just plain awesome, and the unpredictable ending to the PPV, while initially angering me because Punk lost his title, has kept the momentum of WWE going when it comes to unpredictability.

Many people have been giving out their opinions on the site about many things, such as Alberto Del Rio as WWE Champion, John Cena and his new aggressiveness, CM Punk for just being awesome, Kevin Nash's return and Mark Henry being the new No. 1 conteder to Orton's World Title.

But there is one man who I feel has not gotten any attention, so it's my job to talk about him.

And that man's name is Christian.

At SummerSlam, Christian brought out his best friend Edge as his "game-changer" for his match. But in a move many of us didn't expect, Edge berated his best friend for becoming a whiny, little bitch, and left him out to dry to teach him a lesson.

Christian then defended his World Title in a No Holds Barred Match against Randy Orton.

And man, what a brutal match that was. Kendo sticks, chairs, trash cans, tables, steel steps and more were all featured in this extreme affair that may have stolen the show at SummerSlam. And it ended when Orton caught Christian in mid-air with an RKO on the steel steps.

The result I was not happy with because it really defeated the purpose of why Christian was given the title in the first place, and meant Orton had yet ANOTHER title reign he didn't need, but I accepted it.

Then on Smackdown, Orton told everyone that Christian was still recovering from his injuries and would not be on Smackdown that week.

That same night, Mark Henry won a battle royal to become the next challenger for Orton's World Title.

With Christian seemingly out of the title picture and done with his feud with Orton in the eyes of many, what will be next for Christian? What will Captain Charisma do once he returns to Smackdown?

Well, in my mind, there are three scenarios that could happen in this situation.

One, Christian could remain the whiny, complaining heel character he has been, and complain that Edge walked out on him and that effectively screwed him out of the title, and then feud with a face, all the while begging for another match for the World Title.

Now while I think Christian has done a great job with his heel character, it has run its course in WWE, and really only suited his feud with Randy Orton. So this probably wouldn't be the best option.

The second course is that he will turn face. After hearing the words of Edge at SummerSlam, he could state that he realized how stupid he had been, turning his back on his fans and becoming such a whiner. He would then go on to realize that that was not who he was and ask for forgiveness, becoming a face.

Now Christian totally works as a face at this stage of his career, especially considering the cheers he got as a heel, but in my mind, he'll be dropped back to mid-card once again and never come out. And as a huge Christian fan and seeing how great he was in the main event with Orton, that just wouldn't be right.

Now the third and final scenario, and my personal favorite, is Christian completely snaps and goes psychotic on Randy Orton.

This completely works for me. After hearing that he was better than being a whiner from Edge, and that he should handle things with style, as well as constantly losing to Orton, Christian just snaps in frustration and anger, and becomes a vicious, more aggressive, psychotic character in the process.

If this happens, then at Night of Champions, after Orton retains his World Title against Henry, which I believe he will do, the lights will go out and then come back on with Christian in the ring. He then would spear the hell out of Randy, grab a couple chairs and proceed to destroy Randy Orton in a rage, finishing him off with a Con-Chair-To.

This will set up one final battle between inside the confines of Hell in a Cell.

Now I know most of you are saying that Christian and Orton have already gone at it so many times that their feud is over and should stay that way, but hear me out.

Remember Edge and Undertaker, and the great feud they had in 2008?

They battled in four straight PPVs, just like Orton and Christian, which culminated in a TLC match with Edge winning, banishing the Undertaker and supposedly ending the feud in our eyes.

But two months later, Edge and Undertaker battled one more time inside Hell in a Cell to settle the score at SummerSlam.

It was an ingenious move by WWE, as when the two faced off one more time, it wasn't seen as being stale, but rather as a greatly anticipated main event. The two months gave us a breath of fresh air before giving the feud its ultimate resolution.

And that's the same boat Christian and Orton could be in.

While I'm not anticipating the Orton/Henry match all that much, it's a great move as it keeps the main event scene fresh and from becoming stale, and gives us a small break from Christian and Orton.

Yet, with Hell in a Cell coming up after NOC, I really think Christian and Orton should settle their score once and for all inside Hell in a Cell because it has reached that level of personal hatred.

Personally, I would love to see Christian and Orton inside the Cell a lot more than Orton and Henry because I find it more believable they would end up there.

But in reality, this is just wishful thinking, and there's no telling what in the world will happen with Christian in the future once he returns, but I can only hope that he is not dropped out of the main event scene, because he has proven he can certainly be in it in my eyes.

This is Kevin Stonebarger signing out.