The Los Angeles Lions?

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst INovember 12, 2008

Last season, the New England Patriots achieved history by becoming the NFL’s first 16-0 team. Could it be that the Detroit Lions get to be the yin to that yang? Of course, the Patriots’ 16-0 record is tainted by the fact that they didn’t win the championship.

But for 0-16, postseason disappointments are not an option. Like the Patriots, the Lions can break the record simply because the team that already did it, the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, played only 14 back then the same way the 1972 Dolphins played 14. 

So what now for the Lions? They’ve already fired Matt Millen, and he might be the lucky one. If Detroit does go winless, it could always be said that WITHOUT him they couldn’t win A game.

The Lions have been rebuilding since pretty much the turn of the millennium. What can they do now to not only restore respectability but enthusiasm?  The team has not been selling out its games lately, and actually saw a home game blacked out on local television. Could the answer for change in Detroit, be changing from Detroit? 

Los Angeles has been aching for an expansion team to bring football back for the first time since 1994.  The next best thing to obtaining a brand new, build from the bottom team would be acquiring the Lions.

The Lions have been so desperate for players that they went and found Daunte Culpepper, who was just as desperate to play that he even signed with the Lions off the streets. Not only that, but they’ve signed him for a two year contract, which signals that they know that even after this season they won’t be able to attract anyone.

Oh well. If Daunte was desperate enough to play in Oakland, he might be able to…wow, ALMOST finished that sentence. Even Oakland is less of a no-man’s land than the Motor City.

Look for Rod Marinelli to follow Millen to the unemployment office, which also may be a blessing for him.  It is assumed that quarterback Jon Kitna will be released following the season.  That’s pretty sad when even the Detroit Lions don’t want you.  Maybe that’s a strategy teams should use when disciplining players. 

I’m sure if you threatened to send Plaxico Burress to Detroit as punishment for skipping meetings, he’d sleep in Giants Stadium the night before just to make sure he was on time. 

One positive thing, that’s right, something positive, about the Detroit Lions is that they haven’t had the No. 1 draft pick.  As bad as they’ve been, they’ve been able to eek out a few more wins than some other teams.