TNA Impact Wrestling About to Get Roode: Why Bobby Roode Will Win the BFG Series

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 15, 2011

When you look at the current TNA Impact Wrestling roster, you may notice they have a full crop of young inspiring talent.

With guys like Kazarian, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, James Storm, Crimson, D’Angelo Dinero, Samoa Joe and others; Impact Wrestling looks to have a bright future.

Although a couple of names I named have won the Impact Wrestling world title already, there is still much more they can do.

Impact Wrestling is in the current stage of re-molding the brand. One of the newer projects they have introduced is the BFG (Bound for Glory) Series.

This is a new innovative, unique system that will draw more attention to the stars participating. Not only that, it helps mold their biggest pay-per-view of the year, Bound for Glory!

With TNA looking to develop their stars more and expand on their talents, the BFG Series is the right way to do it.

As Kurt Angle and Sting’s careers are nearing the end, it’s time to establish Impact Wrestling’s backbone: the younger stars of the company.

The BFG Series has received a nice reception, as it has helped improve the in-ring action on Impact Wrestling.

Also it gives more meaning to the matches. They are fighting to earn something, which will lead to the ultimate goal—a world heavyweight title shot.

The series will come to an end at TNA Impact Wrestling’s next annual event, No Surrender, which takes place on Sunday, September 11.

At No Surrender, the top four point earners at the time will go to battle to determine who receives the main event spot against the world champion at Bound for Glory.

Right now, Crimson leads the pack with a total of 50 points. Bully Ray follows close behind with 42 points.

Matt Morgan will not be able to fulfill his dream, as he had to pull out of the competition due to injury with 24 points.

The rest of the group consists of Bobby Roode (35 points), James Storm (33 points), Devon (30 points), Gunner (28 points), RVD (25 points), AJ Styles (21 points), The Pope (17 points), Scott Steiner (14 points) and Samoa Joe in last place with a disappointing negative-10.

It may look like Impact Wrestling is building up Crimson to run away with the series to main event at Bound for Glory, as he still has yet to be beat.

But don’t put all of your hope on that. Crimson is a great talent, but he still is “green”—very fresh and new to the game.

So right now I think they are using this system for him to be built up to a main-event star but not to go on to main event BFG.

Call it the “Goldberg effect.” Crimson’s fan base has been picking up and expanding since the series has started and as his win streak continues.

This is a good thing. Impact Wrestling needs to continue building their young talents.

Crimson may be getting a heavy push right now, but he won’t end up winning this series—because the man who should and could win the series is Mr. Bobby Roode!

When you look at a prospect and analyze them, it is easy to see what you can get out of their potential star. Either they have to work on a few things, they don’t have the “it” factor yet or they simply have “it,” but it is only a matter of time.

A few veterans who have come to know and watch Roode feel he has the skills to be a huge star. Those veterans are not alone, as Roode has microphone skills, great in-ring skills and knows how to connect with the fans.

If you ask me, Beer Money probably has the best segments and matches on Impact Wrestling. The reason for this is that the fans are always into their matches and are hyped up.

Roode has been in the tag team game for a while now, with another great potential talent, James Storm.

Right now is the time to capitalize on Beer Money’s fan base by fully separating the two. This would be a good thing, as both can deliver as singles competitors and add more depth to the main event picture.

But right now is Roode’s time. I think he will win the BFG Series and ultimately become the new TNA Impact Wrestling World Champion. Since Kurt Angle will look to take time off to train for the 2012 Olympics, it’s time to establish more stars on the brand.

Roode is one of those guys and is ready to go. With rumors flying around that WWE has interest in signing Roode once his and James Storm's contracts are up, Impact Wrestling needs to present a plan to get them to stay.

Roode becoming a champion could be a great possibility.

But we'll have to watch and see what develops and enjoy the Bound for Glory Series!