Did Paul Heyman Have the Correct Formula for Impact Wrestling?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 15, 2011

Tension among high-ranking officials, criticism, and low morale in the locker room is not a good formula to build up a pro-wrestling organization.

TNA Impact Wrestling has had its high and low moments; as of late, though, they have been on a nice, steady pace of good television.

Depending on whom you’re asking.

Impact Wrestling is looking to expand/grow and become an even better product overall, to deliver a nice alternative to the WWE—or maybe even surpass them.

More is better; if you’re a true wrestling fan and you truly love all aspects of the game, then you should hope to see continued growth of the Impact Wrestling product.

The more great action, the more we (the fans) benefit.

But even though Impact Wrestling is taking steps to create a better product, this does not solve issues behind the scenes.

Every business has its problems, but if they affect the staff and work environment, they can lead to major issues.

The following was reported by sescoops.com (via ProWrestling.net):

Hulk Hogan and TNA Wrestling head writer Vince Russo engaged in a heated argument last Sunday at Hardcore Justice regarding the finish to the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Sting and Kurt Angle. Hogan later grumbled to colleagues that Russo doesn’t know anything because he was never a wrestler.

The two former World Heavyweight Champions made up at the following day’s Impact Wrestling tapings. There was, however, noticeable tension among the organization’s high ranking officials in the days that followed. Several employees feel it did more damage to a locker room already low in morale.

There has also been internal complaints regarding Eric Bischoff as many wrestlers feel he’s arrogant and snobbish. His criticisms over in-ring performances fall on deaf ears because some wrestlers don’t respect his opinion regarding their craft. An Eight-Man X Division Gauntlet Match that was originally taped on Tuesday was re-shot the following day because Bischoff didn’t like it.

Yes, this is a minor issue, but with numerous reports of low morale among wrestlers and staff, this does not help to make things better.

Workers have rifts, but at the end of the day, you have to agree with one another to achieve the ultimate goal: helping the company.

Not only that, but you want respect from your workers as well; if they don’t respect your opinion, that’s a big issue.

Something has to change and change fast.

You don’t want these problems lingering on, especially if some of the performers on the roster are ready to leave.

If you have key roster members leave, then other potential talents are not going to want to sign because your company will seem to be falling apart.

Impact Wrestling is getting decent numbers in the ratings, but right now the company needs to be reorganized internally.

One man that fans wanted to see take control and restore order was Paul Heyman.

Heyman had a simple formula: get rid of the talent that had already had the spotlight, keep one solid veteran, and grow the young, talented roster.

This was said to be too much for Dixie Carter as Heyman wanted to take full control of the product.

This ultimately led to Hogan and Eric Bischoff's coming in to lend their hands to help the company.

It started off slowly, but things have been taking shape.

With additions like the Bound for Glory series, better booking, interesting storylines, and re-branding the product, Impact Wrestling has been progressing nicely.

But with Heyman’s “hustle” and organized formula, could TNA Wrestling have better benefited?

We don’t know as the opportunity was passed up.

History is created and documented for a reason: So we don’t repeat it!

Hogan, Bischoff, and Russo had all worked together before in WCW, which did not work out so well.

Yes, things change, but maybe there needs to be another change.

Maybe it’s time for Russo to step out and/or bring Paul Heyman in on the right deal.

This is highly doubtful, so things need to be worked out before they get worse internally.

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