WWE SummerSlam Results: Mark Henry Beats Sheamus, Kelly Kelly Keeps Divas Title

Luis HerreraAnalyst IAugust 14, 2011

In a result almost nobody expected, Mark Henry kept his impressive mean streak by beating Sheamus in the second match of the night at WWE SummerSlam 2011.

The match was a nice brawl, as both wrestlers promised, but we also saw some really agile moves by the World's Strongest Man.

Sheamus took a couple of nasty hits, but seemed as if he was on his way to recover, nearly on the verge of a victory after connecting his Brogue Kick to Henry, who fell out of the ring as a result.

But Henry reacted and slammed the Celtic Warrior into the corner of the barrier that separates ringside from the public, destroying it in the process.

Sheamus couldn’t recover on time after that and lost by count-out.

My two cents: The match was better than I expected, but the booking was a bit odd.

While this helps keeping Mark Henry as a big menace (maybe the next No. 1 contender?), it seems weird to make Sheamus lose just two weeks after his face turn.


Kelly Kelly is still the Divas champion

The next match of the night was for the WWE Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix.

Kelly Kelly actually had the offense at first, connecting a few good shots on Beth Phoenix, including a fly from the second rope to ringside.

However, the Glamazon quickly reacted and started punishing the Divas champion, who managed to resist all attacks.

When the match seemed close to its end with a Glam Slam, Kelly Kelly reversed it into a rana, getting the three-count.

My two cents: not entirely a surprise, but this is definitely not over.

Beth Phoenix will get another chance and she’ll end up becoming the new Divas champion.


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