WWE SummerSlam: Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston Win 6-Man Match

Luis HerreraAnalyst IAugust 14, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011 has started, and it was with a match nobody expected.

Well, actually many expected this, but separated in three single matches: Rey Mysterio vs The Miz, John Morrison vs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs Alberto del Rio.

Maybe there wasn’t enough time for all those matches, or maybe the WWE was giving Mysterio and Morrison a light workload due to their injuries, but at least we got to see these six wrestlers in the card.

The match wasn’t anything memorable. A couple of nice moves, not many big hits and a scramble in the last seconds to end with Rey Mysterio pinning R-Truth after almost 10 minutes.


My two cents

 It was the right booking. Mysterio will compete tomorrow for the WWE Championship against John Cena or CM Punk, so he needs to come strong after being attacked last Monday.


Stephanie McMahon wishes CM Punk luck

After the first match of the night we got a segment with John Laurinatis demanding CM Punk give an apology for the kick of last Monday; Punk did apologized, but in a very sarcastic way.

Then we had the first surprise appearance of the PPV: Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H’s wife told Punk that she was there to wish him luck and, after taking a bit of verbal hits by Punk, offered to shake hands.

CM Punk’s answer: “No thanks, I know where that (hand) has been.”


Dolph Ziggler wins dark match

Before the PPV broadcast started, United States champion Dolph Ziggler beat Alex Riley to retain his title.


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