Sin Cara at the SmackDown Taping Was Apparently Hunico: Where Does WWE Go Next?

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistAugust 11, 2011

Is the original Sin Cara down for the count? (Photo by
Is the original Sin Cara down for the count? (Photo by

The newest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter had the latest update on the odd Sin Cara situation that we've been talking about over the last week. As I noted on Friday, the plan was reportedly to use FCW wrestler Hunico in the Sin Cara gimmick since the genuine article is still suspended over a failed drug test, which was explained on TV, due to an injury caused by Sheamus at "Money In The Bank 2011" in Chicago. 

What makes this extra interesting is that Hunico was Mystico in the Juarez area before the real Sin Cara was given the Mistico gimmick by CMLL, and CMLL won the court fight.

Anyway, according to Observer editor Dave Meltzer, it was indeed Hunico as Sin Cara at Tuesday's taping for tomorrow night's episode of SmackDown. As you may have noticed if you read the spoilers, nobody noticed the difference.

Meltzer wrote that the current plan is for the fake Sin Cara to be exposed when the original returns, starting a deliciously ironic feud between the two. 

Hunico's real-life issue is more with CMLL than Sin Cara, so I don't necessarily think there would be any kind of cooperation issues between the two. It's certainly an interesting idea for a feud, though I wonder how exactly it would end and where Hunico could go from there.

Of course, there's an argument that they don't need to go that route. 

As Meltzer noted, the fact that no fans noticed that Sin Cara wasn't the same guy that had been on TV for the past months gives WWE a lot of leverage. 

They see the real Sin Cara as an over-paid prima donna who hasn't taken English language classes as promised. Since they decided they had too much invested in him to send him to the developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) to take more time to adjust to the stylistic changes of going from CMLL to WWE, he has had the expected issues of—well, adjusting.

Hunico, on the other hand, is the opposite. 

He's a hungry, independent luchador who would kill for this chance to get the big Rey Mysterio replacement push. If he gets it, he steps into a gimmick that is already selling a ton of merchandise that will make him lots of money. He also speaks English.

Not only is he much more familiar with American-style pro wrestling than the original/real/whatever Sin Cara was, but he's also been in FCW for over a year and a half now. That means a lot in WWE, where outside accomplishments (even as great as those of the original Sin Cara) mean nothing.

Which direction do they go? What does this mean for Triple H's talent development program and Averno being brought in from CMLL as Sin Cara's pet opponent? 

I don't know yet. But following it should be a fun ride.