WWE May Temporarily Replace Sin Cara with FCW's Hunico: Mystico Replaces Mistico

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistAugust 5, 2011

Sin Cara.  The real one.  Who used to be Mistico.  Not Mystico.
Sin Cara. The real one. Who used to be Mistico. Not Mystico.Gallo Images/Getty Images

In today's daily update at F4WOnline.com, Dave Meltzer noted that Sin Cara will be back this Tuesday at the Smackdown taping.  The same Sin Cara who will only be about three weeks into a 30-day suspension for a positive drug test.

Now, how will they do that?  According to a site that I prefer not to name (due to the nature of its ads), which confirmed Meltzer's story, it looks like they will use developmental/Florida Championship Wrestling wrestler Hunico instead, so Sin Cara can be back on TV to keep his merchandise sales from cooling off. 

Hunico was previously known as Mystico and Incognito in Mexico.  Yes, WWE will be temorarily be replacing the former Mistico with the former Mystico.

Confused?  Allow me to explain.

Hunico used the name Mystico in the Juarez area for a few years before the man now as Sin Cara got re-gimmicked with a huge push as Mistico in CMLL, the oldest wrestling promotion in the world.  Based out of Mexico City, CMLL owns its key arenas there and elsewhere. 

It also books talent out to smaller promoters for a fee on top of the wrestlers' payoffs.  Combine this and it's always profitable, even when business is bad.  Somehow, it won the court fight, which isn't a huge surprise as wrestling-related trademark cases in Mexico can be very strange like that.

After the court fight, Mystico from Juarez changed his name to "Mystico de Juarez" (which means..."Mystico from Juarez") and variations thereof in cities where he was well known.  Elsewhere, he changed his name to "Incognito." 

Being a good worker (some say much better than Sin Cara/Mistico) who speaks English, WWE was on a kick to sign Hispanic wrestlers and got him his developmental deal, and he's been known as Hunico in FCW ever since then.  Sin Cara, being a bigger star who could refuse WWE's offer, led to him leapfrogging the man whose ring name was appropriated for him in Mexico.

Meanwhile, WWE's handling of Sin Cara is not new territory for the rising WWE star.  At the height of popularity in Mexico, he would double book himself and send his brother to work the lower profile show in his gear as Mistico.

Only in wrestling...