WWE's Trash Is TNA's Treasure: Why TNA Needs to Welcome Back Gail Kim

Marquette MartinCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2011

After much speculation following WrestleMania, the WWE decided to tighten its roster by making a few cuts following its second-quarter financial reports last week.

One of the “future endeavored” workers was Gail Kim, although she happened to leave the company on her own volition, according to her Twitter page.

Kim’s second stint in the WWE could be considered disastrous for her character.

Despite Kim's being a former women’s champion and a talented worker, the writers never saw her as more than a jobber, a cheerleader, and a joke. This probably had more to do with her original exodus from the WWE to TNA.

Other workers, such as Christian, Kaval (Low Ki), and Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) found themselves struggling to break a glass ceiling as punishment for achieving success in another nationally recognized promotion.

On the Aug. 1 edition of Raw, Kim confused fans by rolling out of the ring on her own will during a battle royal to determine the No. 1 contender for the Diva’s championship.

According to Wrestling News World, a fan asked if she had in fact rolled out on purpose, to which she responded “yes.”

Now, this is my personal speculation, but it sounds as though Kim knew her days in the WWE were numbered.

Whether she abruptly eliminated herself as an act of defiance because she saw the writing on the wall or she realized management would drop the hammer after her performance, we don’t know.

Regardless, Kim is a free agent that any promotion should be salivating to bring in.

TNA would be wise to bring Kim in for her second stint with the company. The nine-year-old company has seen no shortage of criticism for jumping at the chance to snap up anyone castoff by the WWE, and much of this critique is warranted.

But Kim already has "TNA Knockout" on her resume; it's not as if TNA management doesn't know what it would be bringing in.

The Knockouts division was at its absolute apex when Kim was its flagship worker.

During a feud with Awesome Kong, segments featuring the Knockouts division commonly received the highest ratings on television, leading to the first main event featuring only women in the company’s history.

Kim’s departure was a crippling blow for Knockouts, as TNA has struggled to find a worker to fill the void left by Kim and Kong ever since.

The Hogan-Bischoff regime appeared to push the division to the wayside in its initial tenure, and only in recent months has a commitment to Knockouts been reestablished.

Kim could immediately bring quality in-ring talent to the division as well as a name and face recognizable to long-time TNA viewers.

With outstanding talent in the division's ranks like Sarita, Tara and Mickie James, Kim could help propel Kockouts to heights even greater than before.

Or at the very least, give James or Velvet Skye a partner so TNA can finally have more than one Knockout tag-team title bout every four months.