New York Mets: Twenty Million a Year to Reyes? No Way Jose!

Louis SklenarikContributor IIIAugust 9, 2011

Reyes has spent too much time on the bench, not on the field
Reyes has spent too much time on the bench, not on the fieldChris Trotman/Getty Images

While Jose Reyes was busy at some point this season trying to capture the NL MVP award, his agent was trying to get him a lot of money. There was a number mentioned on ESPN today, the number that Buster Olney said that Jose Reyes was seeking in his new contract extension. He wanted a similar deal to that of Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. That number would be twenty million dollars a year.

The idea that Jose Reyes deserves anything around the number of twenty million dollars a year stuns me. I cannot see the Mets, a team that honestly looks like it has entered a rebuilding phase, giving the 28-year-old Reyes that much money. That's the number for a guy that is a franchise player. In my honest opinion, Reyes is not that good. 

Why did the Rockies choose to give a guy like Troy Tulowitzki that much money? While playing in only 122 games in the 2010 season, Tulo carried Colorado to the playoffs basically by himself. He managed to hit .315 on the season, along with an impressive 27 home runs. Fifteen of those home runs came in the month of September. He led all NL shortstops in batting average, home runs and RBI. He also had the best fielding percentage among National League shortstops (.984). Tulowitzki also had a fantastic 2009 season. He hit .297 with 32 home runs and 92 RBI in 151 games.

Even this season Tulo is having an MVP-type year for a struggling Rockies team. He is hitting over .300 again, with 21 home runs. Troy Tulowitzki is the best shortstop in the National League, that's why he was rewarded with a six-year, 120 million dollar contract last year. Tulowitzki is also only 26 years old, some say he hasn't even hit his prime yet.


Jose Reyes is not a franchise player. His team has not made the playoffs since 2006. He has not hit for a .300 average since that same season. In the last two seasons before this year, Reyes was virtually nonexistent, playing only 169 games. That includes playing in only 36 games in 2009.

When Reyes has been on the field this year, he has been dominating. He was the MVP of the NL before he hurt his hamstring, the same injury that has bothered him for the last three years. When he is on the field, he is one of the best players in baseball. But it just seems like the possibility of him getting hurt has to be in the back of every Mets fan's mind during every game. If you're 28 years old you're supposed to be in your prime, not taking trips to the DL every four weeks.

The Mets should start over. They should rebuild around the young pieces that they have going for them. They got a great young pitcher in the Carlos Beltran deal. They have some great young pieces in Ike Davis, Justin Turner, Daniel Murphy and Lucas Duda. They still have Johan Santana coming back, although he is 32 years old.

If you're going to start over you have to do it with someone that is young, talented and someone you know will be on the field almost everyday (or every five days in the case of a pitcher). Jose Reyes fits one of those three things, he is extremely talented. This team has been in shambles since 2006. They can take a step in the right direction at the end of the season by not giving Jose Reyes a huge contract. I wouldn't want to worry about my franchise player getting hurt every time he runs down the first base line.