Carolina Raids Oakland In Ugly Win

Richie FenderCorrespondent INovember 10, 2008

This game was UGLY from the very beginning. Oakland's punt returner, Higgins, fumbled the opening kickoff allowing Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme the chance to connect on a three-yard pass to Muhsin Muhammad.

On the second kickoff, Higgins runs into his own man before being smacked by the Panthers' special teams. This would be a long day for both teams.

In the second quarter, Carolina once again scores with a DeAngelo Williams 69-yard rush to put the Panthers up 14-0.

The third quarter was all Oakland, as kicker Janikowski boots two field goals from 38 yards and 45 yards.

The fourth quarter was also quiet, as the only score was from Carolina's John Kasay nailing a 32-yard field goal to seal the deal 17-6.

This preserved Carolina's three-game winning streak and improves their record to 7-2. The Oakland Raiders continues their spiral down to a 2-7 record.

NFL FACT: Teams starting 7-2 have made the playoffs 90% of the time.

“I am ecstatic that we won,”Delhomme said after Sunday’s four-interception performance against Oakland. “(But) I’m very crushed inside by the way we played offensively, and that's on me. That's how I feel. I didn't give us a chance, and it really bothers me.”

"Jake knows he didn't have a good day," said defensive end Julius Peppers, who had three sacks. "He's a veteran. We all have bad games. We thanked him last [game] for bailing us out against Arizona. We couldn't stop nobody last [game], and they bailed us out."

“Jake is a vet and he knows what he’s doing,” Peppers said. “He didn’t have a good day today and he knows that. He doesn’t need me or anyone else telling him to get going. There is always next week. We all have bad games.”

FUN FACT: Carolina has started 7-2, three times in team history.

“It’s not an ugly win,” Fox insisted in his post-game press conference Sunday. “It’s a win, not an ugly win. You can call it ugly, but I won’t.”