To the Idiots Who Blame Rex Grossman

Jimmy MacAnalyst INovember 10, 2008

The idiocy of NFL fans will never cease to amaze me. The same fans who only two years ago couldn't wait to pile the blame on the young Kyle Orton and hail the cannon arm of Rex Grossman, have become complete hypocrites of their own philosophies.

I'm going to tell you something that you probably already know, so try not to laugh: Chicago fans are actually blaming Rex Grossman for the loss to Tennessee.

Let me say that one more time—Chicago fans are blaming Rex, and ONLY Rex, for the loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Some of you are probably sitting there, reading and saying to yourself "You're damn right I am! Grossman is awful! He was overthrowing, under-throwing, blah blah blah!"

Now, before I get into how moronic you are for expecting Grossman to come off the bench with barely a weeks worth of 1st team snaps and shine against the league's number one defense, let's get into how hypocritical you're being in terms of just general QB comparisons.

Rex, while not playing amazing, did put up solid numbers and didn't have a horrible day by any means. He was 20-37 for 173 yards, one touchdown, one rushing touchdown, and an interception. Yet, Rex has been described by fans as awful, horrible, and about every other negative adjective you can think of.

Yet, the same fans praised Orton and praised him on high against the Colts in week one where he threw for only 150 yards and no TDs. They also praised him when the Bears lost, like in week two against the Panthers when he again threw for no TDs and only 149 yards.

He was praised as (quoted from the Tribune), "Coming on strong and making strides in the passing game."

Why is it that fans look past the fact that the defense, yesterday, gave Kerry Collins, a 35 year old QB who was once on life support in the NFL, his best game of the year?

Collins was 30-41 for 289 yards and two touchdowns. Are you kidding me?

Collins had yet to break 200 yards passing in a game and still had yet to have multiple TDs in one game—he did so easily against the Bears. And yet, all the polls give you the following options to blame:

-Rex Grossman

-Pass rush

-Titans are just a better team

-No special teams

Is this supposed to be a joke? Just because Grossman is in the driver's seat, suddenly everything is his fault again right?

When Orton was in, it was the defense and last minute squib kicks that lost us games. Now that Grossman's in, it doesn't matter that a 35 year old QB looked like the second coming of Joe Namath against the Bears defense because everything is Rex's fault.

Let me tell you how dumb you are if you really think that.

Ask yourself this: Did you go into yesterday's game expecting Grossman to dominate and win the game for you? Most of you will say no. Did you go into the game thinking that Collins would have his best game of the year and end up single handedly destroying what is supposed to be one of the best secondaries in the league?

If you say yes, you're a liar. Nobody expected it. So then why are we all upset and complaining about the Grossman aspect of the game, when we all knew he was going to struggle?

Don't you think it would be more appropriate to question the defense's caliber of play against the pass?

Before you argue, let's look at how bad Grossman really did against the Titans.

Again, here are Grossman's numbers:

20-37 for 173 yards, one TD, one Rush TD, and one INT

Let's take a look at how previous QBs have fared against Tennessee.

Week 1: David GarrardJacksonville

23 of 35, 215 yards, one TD, two INT (the same, if not worse than Rex).

Week 2: Carson Palmer Cincinnati

16-27, 134 yards, 0 TD, two INT (worse than Rex).

Week 3: Matt SchaubHouston

17-37, 188 yards, 0 TD, three INT (worse than Rex once again).

Week 4: Gus FrerotteMinnesota

25-43, 266 yards, 0 TD, one INT (more yards, but no scores—Rex had two TDs).

Week 5: Joe FlaccoBaltimore

18-27, 153 yards, 0 TD, two INT (worse than Rex once again).

Week 6: Tyler ThigpenKansas City

5-11, 76 yards (not much to compare).

Week 7: Peyton ManningIndianapolis

26-41, 223 yards, two TD, two INT (Rex had less yards, but equal scores and less turnovers).

Week 8: Aaron RodgersGreen Bay

22-41, 314 yards, one TD, one INT (more yards, but about the same level of play).

Do you see my point?

And when you factor in that Tennesse's defense averages giving up 13 points per game, the Bears offense managed to score 14 points, both thanks to Grossman. The offense did no worse than everyone else managed to do, and the same goes for Grossman.

You're upset at a guy for playing average just like everyone else has against a very good defense.

He could have had multiple INTs like Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, and David Garrard—some of whom are considered to be the better QBs in the league right now.

He's also one of only two QBs in the league to score on their first drive against Tennessee—Manning was the other.

Grossman made some awful throws yesterday, no question about that. But he was very smart with the ball as well. He threw the ball away and didn't force it when there was nothing there. He led a great drive at the beginning of the game, and a two great drives at the end of the game.

Does this sound reminiscent of the Atlanta Falcons game where Orton was dismal all day except for one final drive? Why does he get praised and Grossman get pinned as the problem?

How can any idiot look at how well Tennessee has contained QBs that are much better than Rex Grossman, and then look at how well he really did considering his potential for turnovers and mishaps, and then blame him while looking past a defense that gave a washed up QB his best game of the year?

I will never understand the fans. This makes no sense to me. Rex, I'm sorry for you.

All everyone asked you to do going into the game was to play average and let the defense win the game. You did exactly as asked, and because the defense failed, you get the blame once again.

You can bet, had Orton been behind center, we wouldn't hear the end of how the defense lost the game and how Orton's two scoring drives should have been enough to win the game. But you're Rex Grossman, and everything's your fault.

Get out as soon as you can Rex. There's nothing left for you here but fumbling idiots that love to blame you for each and every problem the team has when you're out on the field.


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