Sin Cara and 7 Wrestlers Who Should Pray WWE "Future Endeavors" Them

Ryan Dearbone@@dbo83Correspondent IAugust 6, 2011

Sin Cara and 7 Wrestlers Who Should Pray WWE "Future Endeavors" Them

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    So it looks like the WWE is doing its yearly purging of talent. This time DH Smith, Vladimir Kozlov, Chris Masters, Melina, and (by her own decision) Gail Kim were selected to "future endeavored."

    But there are other wrestlers on the bloated WWE roster that should get on their knees and pray the "E" decides to give them a pink slip rather than another paycheck.

    Then maybe these guys and gals can wrestle for different promotions (not just TNA, there are other places they can go) where they will be more appreciated and possibly even paid better.

Sin Cara

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    Up until now the Sin Cara experiment has been... how do I put this? An EPIC FAIL. Let's face it, unlike Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara is not adaptable to the WWE way of doing things.

    This lucha libre was better off doing his thing in Mexico where he wasn't marginalized as part of the WWE-style.

    His recent issues with the substance abuse policy, then the fallout from him speaking out on it goes to show that Triple H's first free agent signing might be his biggest blunder since taking part in the "Katie Vick" storyline.

Santino Marella

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    Look, I love Santino and his crazy Cobra as much as the next guy...but it seems to me that he's stuck in a purgatory of either getting only funny matches or none at all.

    Although he and recently departed friend Vladimir Kozlov had a decent and entertaining run with the tag straps, he has nothing.

    There doesn't seem to be any emphasis or effort to give him a singles push.

    Plus, with a non-existent tag team division, he might as well go back to his days as an MMA fighter.

Jimmy & Jey Uso

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    Speaking of a flat-lining tag team division...

    Jimmy and Jey Uso (sons of former WWE Superstar Rikishi) must see the writing on the wall.

    Tag team wrestling is not a priority for Vincent Kennedy McMahon and no amount of talking is going to change that.

    While these guys can work, they are getting little to no TV time. They may be better off in a place where tag team wrestling is appreciated and even encouraged—instead of looked at as a dirty word.

    Oh, and please don't split them up because then you'll have a case like our next guy...


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    A hard worker, but a victim of circumstance.

    As part of Cryme Time, JTG was the better wrestler and the one with the most charisma. But as a singles wrestler, he might as well be the Brooklyn Brawler. JTG strikes me as the type of guy who would fit in a TNA X-division or a ROH setting.

    The guy can work and the gimmick he has now can take him places...just not in WWE, where the only place he's going right now is to the catering table to get Vince some more coffee.

Natalya and Beth Phoenix

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    Yeah I know it looks like WWE is finally waking up and putting a little heat in the women's division with the heel turns of Beth and Natalya, but don't get too excited.

    Unless these two gorgeous blondes wrestle each other every Raw and SmackDown, the division isn't going to get much better. They are surrounded by too many pretty, but incompetent, counterparts that steal their shine.

    As good of wrestlers as these two are, even they can't carry the lack of talent of the Divas roster.

    They'd be better off becoming "Knockouts" where at least the women there are known for wrestling first and looks second.