Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart Leading a New Divas Revolution?

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistAugust 5, 2011

Got my fingers crossed on this one.

On Monday night, Beth Phoenix heeled out, attacking WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly after winning the right to face her at SummerSlam.

Finally. Enough of this playing nice with the other Divas of the company, Phoenix is a good worker with a great body and is stronger than any woman on the roster. She is in her element as the top heel, and now she will be right at home in this current change.

With Kharma’s pregnancy sidelining her for the foreseeable future, the role of the dominant Diva was wide open, and who better to fit it than Phoenix?

The spot with Beth and Kelly went great, and it felt real. Beth did some damage, and then pointed out that Kelly is nothing but a blond bimbo.

If the attack didn’t heel her out, then that line alone sure did.

So, yes, while I’m excited to see the change in her character, I am a bit apprehensive at what the outcome of this will be. Let’s just say I’m hoping for the best.

Kelly has not exactly been what you would call a top notch champion. To be honest, watching her in the ring is like watching my son running through the house. He’s cute, he’s having fun, but I’m just waiting for him to wipe out and hurt himself.

It’s nothing personal, I am fairly certain my number is not on her cell and we’re not hanging out this weekend. For me, it’s just business.

It’s hard to watch a Kelly Kelly match. I just don’t think she has it.

She started off pretty well, as it seemed she was on the right on track in her work and seemingly getting better every week.

But, funny thing—when you don’t get that many opportunities to work, then, surprise, you can’t improve.

Still, that big, gaudy butterfly belt is still around her waist, so the company must think highly of her. The WWE is not breaking down my door for my opinion, but honestly, I have seen better in the ring.

Her name is Melina.

Trust me, this is not a popularity contest here—I don’t prefer one over the other as far as personalities go; they are both fairly even in that regard.

But when you talk about in-ring ability, then Melina is hands down clearly the better performer. So, why was she cut?

Rumor has it that Melina is a problem backstage, and has been for a long time. The issue is, none of us know why and what her side of the story may be.

After all, this is WWE we’re talking about here—a company not often accused of making all the right moves at the right times.

So, now not only is Kharma and her potential domination of the Divas abruptly over, Melina has been shown the door. Perhaps this is Beth’s time to once again reign supreme over the division.

But, she may not be alone.

On Friday Night SmackDown, Natalya Neidhart attacked her protégé AJ after their match. Nattie grabbed the mic, claiming that she was in full agreement with Beth—that the days of the perky princess were over.

So, what are we looking at here? Perhaps a new day for the Divas in the house that McMahon built? Are we finally going to get the division that we have been longing for these past several years?

Will this be a new revolution for the Divas in WWE?

Fingers are still crossed. Hopes are high, and going higher. Maybe this time they will get it right.