WWE: Triple H's Investments Have Produced Nothing but Sour Grapes

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 3, 2011

Triple H right now is the current "COO" of the WWE.

Behind the scenes he is a real talent scout. He has actively gone out there to many wrestle promotions and Indy events to scout people who he believes have real talent and can produce well in the company.

He looks for people who can be the next main eventer or supporting cast.

As everyone probably knows by now Triple H has gone out and gotten two people who are well known in the wrestling community.

Those people would be Mystico who is known as Sin Cara in the WWE, and Awesome Kong who is know as Kharma. Cara was plucked right out of Mexico while Kong was taken from TNA. They both displayed plenty of athletic and wrestling abilities in the ring.

Cara is one of the most popular and well known people in Mexico and the feud with Gail Kim and Kong when they were in TNA showed how great both of them can be.

Kharma was suppose to be the divas division changer. Her debuts consisted of her walking out to the ring dressed all in black, getting in and just beating the hell out of everything that moved. When i first saw this, I felt her intimidation, fearsome looks, and her attitude that she brought.

Most importantly, I liked it. I liked it a lot and so did the fans.

When she would come out people would cheer her on as she would beat the crap out of the divas. All of this build up to her character, the way she holds herself, and being the next big thing in the divas division, she walks to the ring during a battle royal, goes to the middle of it, gets on her knees, and cries.

She cries.

What the hell is this? The fans were booing, the IWC was upset, and the explanation for it was never given when it initially happened. The next week she gets on Raw and does something that she had not done while in character, spoke. She explained that she was pregnant and that in 9 months time she would be back in the WWE to kick some Diva booty.

Bye bye Kharma.

This does not look good for HHH at all. He is 0-1 thus far when it comes to bringing in talent. She was not a bust, but she accomplished nothing. When it comes to debuting in the WWE the impact the person makes is what people remember. However, what we remember most was how she was written off because of her real life situation. 

Cara was expected to be huge for the WWE. Right off the bat his signing was made into a press conference with Jim Ross. He introduced him as a huge signing and that he would be a future star for the company. Cara even did a bit where he took off his Mysitco mask and had the new Sin Cara mask underneath it.

That looked cool.

When it finished it took a while for Cara to make his WWE debut. All the while though he had already made some enemies in the locker room.

The locker did not appreciate that Cara was already considered main event caliber when he had just signed with WWE. He was also reportedly showing off that some of his matches in Mexico's were worked ones and that it did not get to Cara that it was something the superstars did not like for a while.

To top it all off he did not speak a lick of English and needs a bi-lingual ref working his matches all the time.

Finally, he debuted when he came down to save Danial Bryant from getting his butt beaten in by Shamus. He showed up with his gold cape and blueish, gold, outfit and pointed him down as he ran to make a spectacular jump into the ring—only to botch it up.

The rest if his debut was great to watch. The hang time on his cross body is still breathe taking.

After that he went on to do some worked matches to show off what he can do. However, the matches were consistently botchey, his entrances were still not clean.

Because of all of he was drafted to Smackdown so they could edit his matches. Reportedly this was the right idea because the editors found themselves doing it a lot.

The superstars in the back reportedly hated wrestling with him because of the special lighting that was put on for his matches.

Despite all of that they were still selling him as a huge top superstar by having him win all of his matches. It came to an end when he fought Christian and lost in order to put Christian over as a real threat to get back the World Heavyweight title. He was a fan favorite and I looked forward to his matches when they appeared.

He was set to appear at the MITB Ladder Match but was put out after Shamus power-bombed him through a ladder to sell an injury.The reason for that was because he had tested positive for PED's and failed WWE's drug test.

I heard that is not considered a good thing in the wrestling world.

To make matters worse about his suspension he went on record with a Mexican reporter and told him everything about the situation and severely irritated WWE officials.

There was even talks about cutting him entirely because of everything that has gone on but that appears to be false.

Oh and this was a guy brought in by HHH himself. 

Triple H is now 0-2 when it comes to bringing pure talent to the WWE. There are talks of bringing in more Mexican superstars as well. I am not even sure that i would like Triple H even touching them.

Right now i think they could lay off of it until Cara at least comes back and proves that he can command himself in the ring, outside of it, and can master the English language so he can properly communicate with the people around him.

All an all, Triple H should stick to his role of COO and let others do the talent scouting for him. His reputation right now does not appear to be well in my eyes and I am sure people in the WWE are at least a bit in question about it as well. 

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