WWE: C.M. Punk the Future of the WWE for Years to Come

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 2, 2011

It all started six years ago when CM Punk made his WWE debut on ECW. It seemed like the only one who had faith in him was Paul Haymen. Punk was thrown around in the company for the time being with a couple of good feuds before the WWE did what we are accustom to seeing: wasting his talent.

Eventually, Punk grew tired of this and from what he said in an interview with ESPN, he planned on leaving as soon as his contract was up.

Before that situation, though, he was proving time and time again that he was one of the best in the business.

One of his great feuds was with Undertaker. Punk was the champion, and the only reason his belt was taking away from him at the PPV I witnessed live—"Hell In The Cell"—was his comment to the dress code.

This all but showed that the WWE did not really have much interest in him in terms of the future, despite his god-giving talents.

The WWE had succeeded at making his MITB wins almost worthless.

Even when he was not wrestling due to injury, the WWE put him at commentary. He was the best commentator of RAW for the time he was there, making him a must-hear product.

He was a big draw for me when he was commentating because he pushed his feelings and the reality of what tje WWE was doing into his job. Most of what he said was genuine, and it was loved by the fans and by me.

When he was lifted off of commentary, finally he became the leader of what is now a completely irrelevant stable, "Nexus."

Not that it lasted long, but the stuff he did to make the members prove they were members was brutal and hilarious to watch, to say the least. He made a stable that was not only interesting, but a must-see product due to what he had done with it.

I am sensing a pattern. 

A little while after that, we witnessed one of the best-worked shoots of this century.

Single-handedly, CM Punk turned the WWE upside down.

The IWC could not believe what they heard and questioned what lines of reality and fiction were crossed. Punk created a buzz not seen since the Attitude Era, and the WWE became relevant again.

Every day, people scattered the internet for any news regarding the shoot and what would happen with the storyline.

CM Punk also quickly made MITB the must-see PPV of the year and did not disappoint by making it the best one this year to date.

Once again, he made it must see.

We all loved the ending, with Punk leaving with the title. Everyone but all the small children of the world were rejoicing when they saw the WWE credits roll and the championship title firmly in Punk's hands as he left the arena.

Because of that, Raw the next night was a must-see show.

This lead to Vince's having to step down and HHH's current reign. That in turn resulted in Raw this past week being a must see show.

Now, that Raw was a mixed bag, but Punk, HHH, and Cena were must see. What happens in the future of WWE is also reportedly in the hands of Punk, as well, since he has some creative control.

CM Punk has changed wrestling and the WWE.

Everything he touches, does, says, or appears in is must see. He is the reason why the WWE is watchable again, why the WWE is relevant to the media once more outside of Wrestlemania, and why Summerslam is also must see. Period.

Sure, there will be other great matches, like Randy vs. Christian, and I will be watching them closely.

But for the most part, the buy rates of this PPV will exceed last year's because of C.M Punk.

All and all, CM Punk is wrestling. He has control of everything that is going on in the WWE.

When he steps into the squared circle, he makes it seem not just like entertainment, but actual wrestling. He is making it fun and enjoyable, and there is nothing more we could ask of him.

For the next couple of years, he will be the face of the WWE, and I am looking forward to it. He is going to help carry the WWE into something better and more enjoyable than the safe, spoon-fed content we were given before him.

CM Punk never quit and never gave up even when he wanted to, and because of that he is now the star of WWE for years to come.  

Let me know what your thoughts on the article and my opinion are! Let me know what you think as well! =D Thanks for reading!