New York Yankees Make No Trades at MLB Deadline in 2011, but Maybe in August?

Doug Rush@Doug_RushSenior Analyst IJuly 31, 2011

For the first time in 10 years, the Yankees did not make a single move at this year's trading deadline.

The Yankees were linked to multiple rumors for players. How did it turn out?

Ubaldo Jimenez? He went to the Cleveland Indians.

Erik Bedard? He went to the Boston Red Sox.

Rich Harden? He nearly went to the Red Sox as well, but the deal fell through because of Harden's health.

Wandy Rodriguez? Houston was asking too much with his contract, and the Yankees said "no."

Carlos Zambrano? The Yankees had no interest in him.

Matt Garza? The Cubs had no interest in trading him.

James Shields? The Rays said absolutely not.

Felix Hernandez? The answer was still "no."

So really, all the options on the trading market basically were all gone, unavailable or just not a good idea for the Yankees and GM Brian Cashman to pursue.

Now, is this just it for the Yankees? Are they stuck as is? Certainly not.

Tomorrow will bring Aug. 1. A new month. A whole new process.

Teams can put players through waivers and teams can place claims on them, like for example, the Yankees put A.J. Burnett on waivers and the Braves claimed him.

The Yankees and Braves could either work out a trade, simply outright Burnett to the Braves with his contract, or if they change their minds, pull Burnett back off waivers.

The Yankees nearly did this with the Dodgers and Ted Lilly last August, but the Dodgers for some odd reason pulled Lilly back.

This will be the type of players Cashman will be looking for come next month.

He has no choice. Mostly because two of his starters have been awful as of late in Phil Hughes and A.J. Burnett.

Hughes is still in his first month back from DL, but is still struggling with command and location.

Burnett has dropped to below .500 with a 8-9 record and makes awful mistakes on the mound and still is extremely inconsistent.

The Yankees did call back up Ivan Nova, and honestly, Nova has earned a spot in the rotation and deserves to stay in the majors.

So while the Yankees did not improve their team at all at this trading deadline, they now have another 31 days to try and acquire help.

Two years ago, they did get Chad Gaudin off waivers from the Padres, and he was extremely reliable down the stretch for the Yankees in the second half.

But 2009 was a different team. Burnett was more reliable and Andy Pettitte was still there. Burnett is not reliable and Pettitte has retired.

Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia are there and have pitched well, but who knows how long they will hold up.

So the clock really can now re-start to 31 days to try and find help for this team.

The Yankees need every bit of help they can to their rotation.

If they don't help their rotation and Cashman leaves it as is, the Yankees could be looking at a possible first-round exit if they do make the playoffs come October.

Right now, they look like they can easily make it as the wild card.

But after that, a team like the Detroit Tigers or Texas Rangers would likely beat them in the first round.

Cashman did the right thing in not trading away his whole farm system for an unproven pitcher or a National League pitcher.

But now he has to find a smart and sensible trade in the next month to help his team.

The clock for a trade resets and the countdown to Aug. 31 now begins.


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