MLB Trade Deadline: Erik Bedard and the Future of the Mariners' Rotation

Max Bertellotti@@maxbertellottiCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2011

Can he still be a trade chip?
Can he still be a trade chip?Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

As most Mariners fans know, Doug Fister was traded to the Detroit Tigers on Saturday. I wanted the Mariners to keep Fister and certainly reliever David Pauley, whose low ERA for some reason flew under the radar to most of the baseball world. I used to think that if anyone should be traded, it should be Jason Vargas, and the Mariners should keep Fister and Pauley to bolster their rotation and bullpen for years to come. Fister is only 27, Pauley is 28.

Now, after learning more about this trade and reflecting on it, I've decided that the Mariners shouldn't stop here, and they also should trade Erik Bedard. His ERA is currently 3.45, and his body is finally healthy (finally!). Today may be the last day that teams would be interested in trading for Bedard. The Mariners need to make a last-ditch effort to get prospects like they did with Doug Fister today. The Mariners got a few solid prospects out of Fister, and look for close to the same kind of deal to come together for Bedard if he is traded.

Now, I've heard from some people that it would be risky for the Mariners to trade away two of their starting five pitchers in a matter of a few days.This argument does hold some weight, but ultimately it doesn't matter. The Mariners are loaded with starting pitchers and potential starting pitchers. Their starting five already can be further bolstered by lefty Charlie Furbursh and young flamethrower Blake Beavan.

Beavan's potential is through the roof and deserves to be tested, Furbursh may be a transition starter for now, but ultimately could end up as a solid bullpen pitcher and valuable reliever. Along with Felix Hernandez, Michael Pineda and Jason Vargas, Furbursh and Beavan could still provide an amazing rotation for the Mariners. All of this would be without the prospects from the Bedard trade and without the Mariners new gem, Danny Hultzen. When the former Virginia Cavaliers lefty comes up to the majors in 2012, expect one heck of a player to add to an already young and deadly rotation.

The Mariners could have a starting five of King Felix, Michael Pineda, Jason Vargas, Blake Beavan and Danny Hultzen. Scary good and scary young. Get ready, MLB.

So Seattle, why not take the chance with Beavan, and attempt to get as much for Bedard now as we will be able to ever? Now is the time, pull the trigger Jack.