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Mariners Ready to End Playoff Drought

By Scott Miller (Photo: Ross D. Franklin/AP Images)

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    Felix Removed for Precautionary Reasons

    by Matt Fitzgerald

    Seattle Mariners ace pitcher Felix Hernandez left Sunday's game against the Oakland Athletics due to tightness in his right quad. However, he is expected to make his next scheduled start Saturda... Read More »

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    Key Takeaways from Baseball's Opening Act

    by Douglas J Miller

    The beginning of April means millions of fans tune in for MLB Opening Day 2015, but what did we learn from the first day of meaningful baseball? Some teams came out of the gate firing like the Bos... Read More »

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    Comparing Today's MLB Stars to Legends

    by Zachary D. Rymer

    If we had any sense of fairness, we would only ever look at contemporary baseball superstars in their own light. It's not like great ballplayers come off an assembly line, after all... Read More »

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    Felix or Kluber for AL Cy Young?

    by Anthony Witrado

    The race for the American League Cy Young Award appears to be so tight it might force even the staunchest of baseball traditionalists to dig deep into the statistics that normally make them cringe...... Read More »

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    B/R's Full MLB Awards Predictions

    by Jason Catania

    As the baseball industry awaits the first big transaction of the offseason—sorry, Adam Lind for Marco Estrada doesn't exactly get the juices flowing—the focus shifts temporarily to another matter,... Read More »