Hope Solo Video: Watching Star-Crossed Solo Talk NASCAR at Brickyard

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistJuly 31, 2011

Just when you thought the NASCAR Brickyard 400 at historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway couldn’t get any more exciting, the sport pulls out another celebrity for you to enjoy.

On the day after her birthday, Team USA goaltender Hope Solo was on the set of NASCAR’s pre-race show with Rutledge Wood. Solo said she was the pace car driver for the race, and she was not nervous about it all.

When asked about her birthday the day before, Solo said she was very tired, but to me, she looked like a hard night of partying took its toll. All of this celebrity rush that has come is really making Solo wear on many people nerves.

After the fat guy starts his boring banter, the two decided to showcase how awkward television can be with a terrible ball handling show.

Surprisingly, big Rutledge is better than Hope thinks and outplays her, just like the Japanese team a few weeks ago.

When they’re done the frustratingly awkward soccer ball scene, Solo then pulls for Juan Pablo Montoya because he likes soccer.

After watching this video, I felt like my brain was hurting because I can’t remember a more boring person to get a celebrity status than Solo. I hope these 15 minutes of fame are over soon.

Women’s soccer should catch on in this country, but Abby Wambach should be the sport’s face, not Solo.

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