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My name is Donald Wood, and I am a WWE writer for Bleacher Report.

For the fans that need more of me, go check out Ring Rust Radio.

If you have any ideas, concerns, or questions, please feel free to contact me and become a fan!

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  • Jake Northrup posted 34 days ago

    Jake Northrup

    I just looked at the grades you did for the 2012 NFL draft and you failed big time.

  • Sam White posted 46 days ago

    Sam White

    Can you not do the grades for any more wwe events? Your grades were ridiculous, no post match dot points, no commentary highlights. Just don't write for wwe anymore

  • Seo Simas posted 111 days ago

    Seo Simas
  • Seo Simas posted 111 days ago

    Seo Simas

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  • baller baller posted 166 days ago

    baller baller

    Hey Donald. I hope you are well. What's up with the TNA articles? We haven't seen one in many weeks.

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    Klinik Syifa Farma

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  • Carolina Sunshine posted 171 days ago

    Carolina Sunshine

    Not everyone that watches anything to do with WWE wants Daniel Bryan in a match on tv every week or shoved in our faces in every PPV just make a few people stop crying. The match for the IC Champ Belt would've been great just between Dean Ambrose & Wade Barrett, but no, they had to make it a ladder match, and add 15 more people just so they could throw Daniel Bryan in there. I also think Ambrose could bring prestige to the IC belt. He is, after all, the longest reigning U.S. Champ in WWE history. Like the song from "Frozen" goes, LET IT GO AND LET DANIEL BRYAN GO. LORD KNOWS, MOST OF THE REST OF US HAVE.

  • Randy Norton posted 174 days ago

    Randy Norton

    you ?

  • Randy Norton posted 174 days ago

    Randy Norton

    No more TNA Articles from

  • Mikhail Khiari posted 186 days ago

    Mikhail Khiari

    I am an all-knowing wrestling God. Anything I say should be taken to fact - Dirt Sheet Busters for life! But forget that I can't write a "dirt sheet" or drop "breaking news" from my parents basement since I exclusively source second hand off Twitter for all my "Rumors, Predictions and Latest Buzz". Oh yea and Bray Wyatt sucks!