My name is Donald Wood, and I am a WWE writer for Bleacher Report.

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  • baller baller posted 28 days ago

    baller baller

    Hey Donald. I hope you are well. What's up with the TNA articles? We haven't seen one in many weeks.

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  • Carolina Sunshine posted 33 days ago

    Carolina Sunshine

    Not everyone that watches anything to do with WWE wants Daniel Bryan in a match on tv every week or shoved in our faces in every PPV just make a few people stop crying. The match for the IC Champ Belt would've been great just between Dean Ambrose & Wade Barrett, but no, they had to make it a ladder match, and add 15 more people just so they could throw Daniel Bryan in there. I also think Ambrose could bring prestige to the IC belt. He is, after all, the longest reigning U.S. Champ in WWE history. Like the song from "Frozen" goes, LET IT GO AND LET DANIEL BRYAN GO. LORD KNOWS, MOST OF THE REST OF US HAVE.

  • Randy Norton posted 36 days ago

    Randy Norton

    you ?

  • Randy Norton posted 36 days ago

    Randy Norton

    No more TNA Articles from

  • Mikhail Khiari posted 47 days ago

    Mikhail Khiari

    I am an all-knowing wrestling God. Anything I say should be taken to fact - Dirt Sheet Busters for life! But forget that I can't write a "dirt sheet" or drop "breaking news" from my parents basement since I exclusively source second hand off Twitter for all my "Rumors, Predictions and Latest Buzz". Oh yea and Bray Wyatt sucks!

  • L EAF posted 48 days ago

    L EAF

    You stated that, "he Toronto Maple Leafs have become one of the longest-running jokes in the NHL". Instead of spewing your opinion, how about being impartial like a professional sports writer? Oh wait, you can't! You are just a blogger, pathetic.

  • The Drake posted 78 days ago

    The Drake

    You gave Seattle an 'F' grade for their 2012 draft, saying that taking Russell Wilson was the worst move by any team in the draft? Do you know anything about football?

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  • Missy H. posted 93 days ago

    Missy H.

    I have already commented on the article itself, but I also just wanted to personally thank you for your great article on Dean Ambrose! Of course it always makes me feel good to see others who share my opinions, but especially when it comes to Ambrose. I think it speaks volumes to his greatness, how he's remained so popular despite WWE's not-so-great booking of him over the past few months or so.

    I also totally love your idea of him picking up where he left off last year before WWE's having Bray Wyatt so rudely interrupt the fantastic Ambrose-Rollins feud: by following through yet again spoiling Rollins' cashing-in. Put those two together at WM31 and there's the show-stealer from the two that always tear the house down! Now if WWE just hurries up and lets Ambrose get some well-deserved WINS!

    The Undertaker is my favorite pro wrestler of all time, bar none, and I had always said once he retired (as he is for the most part now), I would quit watching WWE altogether. But then The Shield got my attention and fandom - and when they split, well, Ambrose's attraction came at me like a bat outta hell. THAT is how much he impressed me!

    I started looking into his earlier years as Jon Moxley, and became even more impressed: the guy was just SO good at everything in pro wrestling! So now Dean's my all-time active favorite, and I'll probably continue to follow his career as long as it lasts, whether he's in WWE or not!

    Anyway, thanks again and please keep up the good work!

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