WWE News: John Cena and the 5 Most Hostile Environments of His Career

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WWE News: John Cena and the 5 Most Hostile Environments of His Career

John Cena, quite simply, is a beast.  He is unlike any top star in WWE history, as his otherwise simplistic babyface booking is constantly met with controversy, vocal detractors and partisan resentment.

Steve Austin, the Rock, and (for the most part) Hulk Hogan, all of whom were top babyfaces like Cena, never received any reaction as hostile as the those John tends to receive.

Everywhere John Cena goes he elicits an opinion.  Those who have become disillusioned with his seemingly standard, "Never Give Up" role-model act have long since insisted that the consummate posterboy of the WWE turn heel, thus freshening up his character. 

Throw a water balloon at the oft-jaded and, at times, delusional Internet wrestling community and a generous handful of articles and editorials calling for a John Cena heel-turn will get wet.

Those who crave a John Cena heel-turn (I call them heelers. You know? Like the similarly wacky truthers and birthers?) need to take note of the passion and energy in which his presence incites amongst fans for better or worse.  When people boo John Cena, it's not because they're supposed to, it is because they want to. 

Those boos are real. 

Because of that realism, there's an added level of excitement and electricity to a John Cena reaction, thereby acting as a catalyst for some of the hottest and most hostile crowds that WWE live events have ever seen.

Jim Ross put it best when Jerry Lawler made mention of the polarizing reception for Cena.  In response, the Oklahoman WWE Hall of Famer plainly said "Well, the seats are full." 

WWE has strategically booked John Cena feuds to culminate in hostile territory, where they know there will be an abundance of male, jaded, "road" fans who hate John Cena's guts. Treat yourself to the spectacle of deafening boos that reigned down from the Allstate arena in Chicago at the recent Money in the Bank pay-per-view. 

Now name one "heel" on that card who got a reaction even remotely resembling that of Cena's. 

Maybe John Cena is heel.  He is certainly whatever you want him to be, whether it be a real-life superhero or a malodorous goat.  One thing is for sure, if WWE toys with its successful heat-seeking formula for Cena, they'll certainly be devoid of some of the most electrifying and hostile environments that this generation of wrestling has ever had the unique pleasure of witnessing. 


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