20 Most Ridiculous Haircuts in Sports

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20 Most Ridiculous Haircuts in Sports
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Let’s all just be very honest with each other right now...

We have all had bad hair days. We have all made bad hairstyle decisions, and we have all had bad haircuts.

If you can’t admit that, you are a liar and deserving of the worst this life has to offer.

Maybe that was a bit too harsh, but you get my point, I’m sure.

Sometimes hair can be absolutely ridiculous.

Merriam-Webster defines ridiculous as "arousing or deserving ridicule: extremely silly or unreasonable: absurd, preposterous."

I am going to add the other side of the ridiculous coin as well, even though it’s not used quite as often: awesome, best thing ever, breathtaking or awe-inspiring.

I’ve been asked to gather up some of the most ridiculous haircuts that sports has to offer. Keep in mind, I could have gone into the '70s and '80s and easily filled this list because, let’s be honest, fashion back then was ridiculous. But I am mainly going to try to keep it recent. That being said, there were a few classics that I couldn’t pass up on!

Now that you know what I’m going on, here are the 20 most ridiculous haircuts in sports.

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