TNA: 10 Storylines That Need to Develop Soon

Jacob ForresterCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2011

TNA: 10 Storylines That Need to Develop Soon

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    TNA has many great storylines in waiting, but are not effectively pulling the trigger on any of them.

    Some are obvious, others are semi-obvious and others simply need to happen.

    All of the following are the ones that TNA needs to kick into gear AND actually have the potential to make entertaining television. Enjoy!

10. Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson

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    I believe this is a good storyline they need to develop.

    It can keep Mr. Anderson relevant for the title while not in the hunt, and can go to lengths to prove that Matt Morgan is worthy of the title that he has deserved for a long time now.

9. Eric Young and the TV Title

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    He needs a real competitor.

    He can wrestle, but I wish they would let him show it. I am personally a huge fan of EY. He became a favorite of mine with World Elite, but his current gimmick is not really over.

    So please, TNA, prove he deserves to be champ by giving him a real storyline or taking the title off of him and giving it to someone who can bring the title prestige.

8. Alex Shelley vs. Abyss

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    This feud can be developed off of the side of the Kendrick Aries feud.

    It can either prove Abyss can stand in the X-Division or can make Alex Shelley a main-event talent in the absence of Chris Sabin.

7. Jeff Jarrett vs. Mexican America

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    When I learned the Jeff Jarrett held the AAA Heavyweight Championship, I knew it was only time that he would face TNA’s defenders of Mexico, Mexican America.

    It just seems like a natural fit for a feud, with Hernandez and his crew trying to take back the most prestigious of the Mexican gold. Do it, TNA!

6. Bully Ray vs. Immortal

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    This one stems from the way Bully Ray throws his comrades in the line of fire before him, and they are getting tired of it. Immortal can take out the bully, and maybe even turn face, like their boss (later on the list.)

5. Brian Kendrick vs. Austin Aries

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    This is an obvious feud that can occur for the X-Division title, and one that can be exciting if Kendrick abandons the confusing way he speaks.

4. Samoa Joe vs. Eric Bischoff

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    I feel this feud will work as Samoa Joe will believe there is a major conspiracy against him, and he will blame Bischoff.

    I feel Samoa Joe is a natural anti-hero, and can best exhibit it by going after the asshole boss Bischoff.

3. A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

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    This is a feud that was teased, but dropped. I wish they had kept it.

    It seems intriguing, and has a great basis—who is TNA? Who defines TNA? The Phenomenal One, or the Fallen Angel? I also love the prospect of Daniels becoming heel again, it just feels right.

2. Sting's Heel Turn

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    He has become a menace to everyone in the TNA, so I feel it would be right for him to turn heel.

    He could then piss off everyone, which I think could be his gimmick’s strong point. Also remember that the person who his gimmick is based off of is supposed to be the bad guy.

1. Hulk Hogan's Face Turn

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    This one is obvious, as Hogan himself said he was going to turn face.

    I think this needs to happen soon so that the waiting game does not last too long and loses the interest of fans.

    I just hope they do this correctly, and it matches Sting's turn to the dark side.


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    So what did you think? Do you agree with my opinion, or do you have a different storyline that they need to do? Leave your comments below! Good. Bad. I'm the Guy with the Voice,