Why Chicago Cubs Fans Remain Loyal

Andy FryeContributor IIIAugust 4, 2011

Why Chicago Cubs Fans Remain Loyal

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    As a voice in the crowd, I don't write much about Justin Bieber. I'm no aficionado of reality TV.

    So I wouldn't have much to say about the next politician's Twitter scandal, or what's happening on "The Real House Servants of Arnold Schwarzenegger." Frankly, I couldn't care less about the well manicured housewives of Camden, New Jersey or their plastic surgery disasters.

    But baseball is something I can do. In huge quantities. So when baseball is on TV or in your neighborhood, there is no need, really, to keep up with any Kardashians.

    As one sportscaster said right before baseball's All-Star game, the best reality television that exists is live sports. And, the thing that is encouraging is that the best stories about sports still come from fans.

    In the spirit of reality TV though, I spent a few moments before the recent Cubs/Phillies game stalking fans to hear their story. They had a lot to say.

Three Cubbies Weigh in on Cubs Fandom

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    First, I caught up with three brothers on the way to the game. With dad's permission, I got their take on the Cubs, The Friendly Confines and what makes fans of them.

    Of course they are locals, but they mentioned the atmosphere of Wrigley Field and junior tells us what he thinks of the White Sox.

A Sportswriter's Take on the Life of a Fan

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    Luckily, I am friends with a real sportswriter, Matt Lindner, who has written for ESPN.com, MLB.com and more. Matt hints it's deeper than the team's stats, hitting or wins.

    He's come to Wrigley after a bad day, after his girlfriend broke up with him, and possibly everything but the dog dying. Win or lose, Cubs fans come to shake it off well.

Pretty Girls in Wrigleyville Talk Cubs

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    Still, Wrigleyville wouldn't be the same without a bevvy of beautiful women. These lifelong Chicagoans may not know who's pitching, but picked a good series to stop at The Friendly Confines.

    Even the dudes in the background are excited.

Phillies Phans Talk Technical Baseball

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    I met some Phils fans outside the game before Halladay's 2011 debut at Wrigley Field. Phillies fans always know their baseball and can talk circles around other fans in the way that your mechanic knows your car better than you.

    Phillies fans have a certain reputation. But these guys didn't rub it in that the Cubs stink and the Phillies are the best team in baseball.

Some Fans Just Prefer "Awesome"

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    Some fans don't dwell so much on the game's technical aspects. For them, the enjoyment of baseball is just a feeling and a family tradition.

    These three sisters, plus mom and dad (originally from Philadelphia) had Cubs shirts made with their own family name on the back.

    They love the Cubs for being original and "awesome."