MLS: A Letter to the New York Red Bulls Organization

Ned HarwoodContributor IIIJuly 23, 2011

COMMERCE CITY, CO - JULY 20:  Thierry Henry (R) #14 of the New York Red talks with Chris Albright (L) #3 of the New York Red Bulls after facing the Colorado Rapids at Dick's Sporting Goods Park on July 20, 2011 in Commerce City, Colorado. The Rapids defeated the Red Bulls 4-1.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Dear New York Red Bulls Organization,

What have you been up to lately? I think we have lost contact. It seems like while on your daunting journey to expand the global brand of the RBNY, you have been too busy to send back a letter or two to tell us what is going on.

I know us fans are inferior to you and aren’t supposed to speak up, but while watching the team struggle to put up a fight on Wednesday, I felt it necessary to request an explanation.

So if you can find the kindness in your heart, please answer a few questions. It will only take a minute.

Let us start off with an easy one. Why are you so careless?

It all started when you prioritized a cash-grab game in Montreal ahead of the regular season, resulting in the first home loss of the year to Chivas USA.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical of the organization for temporarily giving up on the season as if IT was the exhibition. More importantly however, you gave up on the 16,365 in attendance on Saturday, who spent their hard earned money to watch what should have been an easy victory.

Shameful, but I was willing to give you a second chance.

And a third. And a fourth. I’ve given you so many chances that I am starting to lose count. In case you forgot some of your blunders so far this summer, here are a few of my favorites.

1.     The German Trialist. Calling it a tease would be an understatement. But I am sure it drew a big laugh at the office.

2.     Giving up on the USOC. Could we have at least gone out swinging?

3.     Rost Signing. The missing piece is still MIA.

4.     Emirates Cup. I wonder what surprises it will contain?

You disappoint week in and week out, yet you wonder why RBA is 60 percent full on a weekly basis.

It is about the fans. Yes, normal people and writers like me who can take the club to another level. For example, it is the Seattle supporters that make the Sounders more than just a soccer team in a rainy city. 

It is they who motivate the players on the field. They who are proud to be fans of the club. And they who make a difference.

Rio Ferdinand tweeted last night to his one million followers after Manchester United played Seattle, “67000 for a friendly in USA...the people are warming to football over here nicely! Seattle is mad for football! #progress.”

Now that is how you spread a brand! By keeping the fans happy and impressing with support. Not by wasting away the season and playing in meaningless friendlies.

Hey NYRB, do you want to know what the missing piece is? We are standing right in front of you!

P.S. You are running out of chances.

P.P.S. We would have accepted a USOC trophy.

P.P.P.S. Supporters Shield MLS Cup or Bust?


The Missing Piece