1. This answer is amazing. https://t.co/2S3X8d2io3

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  7. My little brother says his favorite song is Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." The shame is unbearable.

  8. I don't really watch a lot of NFL, but now I know that the Carolina Panthers are very good....

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  18. I'm Adam Serrano, and I'm really upset about this football game. #AMA

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  24. Guys, I really dislike sports.

  25. Please ? #BeatStanford

  26. So then it's  with the & ⬇️ with the   is out for a Victory. We'll drop our on @Stanford's . CHOP! Go @Cal! #BigGame

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  30. Today. https://t.co/NTSvV6wt9e

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  35. City hall in downtown Los Angeles lit up with the colors of the French flag. #PrayForParis https://t.co/fd0DN5jHJw

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  38. Absolutely horrifying. https://t.co/SoEdxjWihj

  39. #DALvSEA 

  40. Well, at least we beat Washington, right? #WoeBears

  41. Went to a bar to watch #SEAvDAL only to discover that they didn't carry FS1. Watching live sports is so much more fun.

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  43. One of the few people that the Cal defense tackled tonight. https://t.co/cBnmjEXfkR