Washington Redskins' Final Home Game: Did It Determine the Election Results?

Matt FarvaContributor INovember 5, 2008

So far, the Washington Redskins have been one of the NFL's most surprising teams in the '08-'09 season by starting at 6-2 until their Week Nine Monday Night Football matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who got their star running back Willie Parker back.

The Redskins have been lead to a 6-2 record by the superb play of quarterback Jason Campbell, who had yet to throw an interception in 252 pass attempts, which was 56 short of the record, 308. He had been perfect, literally, throwing to his favourite receiver in Santana Moss.

Another big contributor to the Redskins explosive start under rookie head coach, Jim Zorn, has been all-pro running back Clinton Portis, who is the league's leading rusher. Portis has also ran for 696 yards and four touchdowns in his last four games; an average of approximately 138 yards per game.

This Monday Night Football game between the Redskins and Steelers was not only a very anticipated matchup of two NFL powerhouses, but it also took place before the American Presidential Election that was determined to be one of the most anticipated elections in U.S politics history.

Illinois Sen. Barrack Obama, the Democrat candidate was running against Arizona Sen. John McCain, the Republican candidate, for the right to be George W. Bush's successor, if you even wanna call what Bush did success.

Most are probably wondering what ties the Redskins' final home game plays in relation to the U.S Election; but the result of the Redskins final home game has "determined" the next president accurately five of six times.

If the Washington Redskins come through with a victory in the game then the party that was in office before this previous election whether it be Democrats or Republicans, that particular party would retain office for another term. With a Redskins victory in the Monday nighter "would" make the Arizona Sen. John McCain the new President.

A Washington Redskin loss would in turn produce the opposite result in having the opposing party claim office. So, with a Redskins loss to the Steelers on Monday night would result in historic elections results by "making" Illinois Sen. Barrack Obama the first African-American President.

As we all watched the much anticipated matchup between Steelers and Redskins on Monday night end in a 23-6 victory for the Steelers, we then watched on the Tuesday night Sen. Barack Obama make U.S history by becoming the President-Elect.

In conclusion, instead of spending billions of dollars on elections and having these two candidates campaign for almost 24 months; perhaps we should just look to the Redskins final home game before an election and determine the president that way. Just an idea?