IMPACT Wrestling: Should Robbie E. Leave the X Division?

Charlie GSenior Writer IJuly 23, 2011

This should be my last article for this month. I'm leaving for California tomorrow and will be back at the beginning of August. That means that there will be no Bound For Glory Series Leaderboard Updates, IMPACT review and anything written from me for one week. 

I was thinking of several things IMPACT Wrestling related.

Why don't they have a second show? Who deserves more TV time? Who's misused or underrated?

Then the former X Division Champion, Robbie E, popped into my head.

Should Robbie leave the X Division?

I think so.

IMPACT has been trying to revamp the X Division if you haven't noticed. The division had their own pay-per-view and a new member added to their roster.

Austin Aries and Kid Kash joined the IMPACT roster. Both guys are X Division. Robbie is not. 

IMPACT officials are still trying to sign more X Division talent. 

Robbie E does not fit in with the typical X Division mold. 

When you think X Division you think high flying, risk takers. AJ Styles, Daniels, Amazing Red and others. Robbie E would be the last guy to come to mind.

I would like to see Robbie E leave the X Division and move up in the card.

Yes, I'm talking about the Television Championship.

How many people are solid mid-card wrestlers? Who is a contender for the TV title? Tell me who you think should be TV Champion.

I think of such guys like Hernandez, The Pope, Eric Young, Abyss, Rob Terry, Murphy, Devon, Daniels, Crimson, James Storm, Kazarian, Scott Steiner and Okada.

That is a list of people who should be challenging for the TV title. I think that Robbie can definitely hang with some of the guys listed.

Imagine matches between Robbie E and Pope or Kazarian.

Robbie E has a special gimmick. He can be taken seriously or be a joke with his gimmick and we've seen him do both.

When he first debuted he was a serious contender. At Victory Road, Robbie E seemed like a comedy character during his pre-match interview.

With Eric Young as TV Champion, I think he and Robbie can create interesting and funny bits but also produce good matches.

EY and Robbie are two funny guys but you can't deny their in-ring skills.

Especially at a time like right now, Robbie E should move up to the TV title hunt. IMPACT is looking to bring in some high flying X Division guys who are more than capable to take center stage in the X Division.

Robbie E is not X Division and thus, should move up in the card. 

The Television title is in need of some credibility or prestige and Eric Young certainly isn't helping by using it as a prop for his comedy acts.

Robbie E would be a better champion than Eric Young.

The TV title is in need of someone who can defend it more than once before dropping it onto the next guy. The belt has taken some twists and turns for the worse.

Abyss won it back in January only to vacate it after an injury. He never defended the title once.

Then Gunner picked up where he left off but only had one successful title defense against "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Now that leads us to Eric.

Pope, Devon, Storm, Crimson and Steiner are all occupied in the Bound For Glory Series. Daniels is in some story line with AJ Styles. We have seen on IMPACT that the two seemed to have a problem with someone or something.

Hernandez is going for tag team gold. Abyss is following Immortal and still has his sights set on the X Division. Okada, Murphy and Rob Terry are no longer relevant and haven't wrestled on IMPACT in months. 

Who does that leave?

Should Robbie E get moved up to the TV title picture?