Shame On You Washington Redskins Fans!

Craig Garrison SrSenior Analyst INovember 5, 2008

I'll start this by first complimenting fans of the "Black and Gold," the Pittsburgh Steelers have tremendous fans, and boy do they travel well. Kudos to ya! Keep it up!

Steelers fans are well known for being one of "the best fanbases" in the NFL. And they certainly showed that on Monday night. It was a very impressive showing, and I can only hope that the Redskins' leadership (Dan Snyder, Vinny Cerrato and so on) took notice.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll get to my point: SHAME ON YOU, REDSKINS FANS!

Shame on you for not supporting your 6-2 ballclub the way Steelers fans do!

Shame on you for allowing another team's fanbase to force your own team into a "silent count" at times to deal with the amount of noise the opposing team's fans were making IN YOUR HOME STADIUM!

Shame on you for not finding a Redskins fan to sell your tickets to rather than trying to make a buck on StubHub or eBay or Craig's List (not my list, BTW) or whatever other outlet you chose.

Shame on you for adding to the humiliation of your "favorite" team on cable’s second most-watched telecast of the year .

Shame on your for giving "haters" like Jason La Confora and Michael Wilbon the opportunity to rip us even more than usual.

Ok, now that the "Shame on you" is out of the way, a little "reporting".

According to a number of Redskins' players, Monday night was something they had never seen before, contrary to Mr. Wilbon's quote:

"It really gets a little tiresome hearing how great Redskins fans are, only to see fans of the Cowboys or Steelers or Eagles commandeer FedEx Field . Really, they're a very average lot, at best."

Personally, I have NEVER seen anything like it. For Mr. Wilbon to include ANY other team's fans in this conversation is nothing short of simply being a (use preferred language here, I'll just use "jerk" to keep it clean ) jerk .

"Never," guard Randy Thomas said when asked about using a silent count at the team's home. "First for me."

"I'm like, 'Are those yellow towels for us or for them?' " wide receiver Santana Moss said yesterday. "I really scratched my head about it, because I've never seen it done, especially at FedEx , to have someone come into our home and almost have more fans than we did."

So how could this happen? There are many theories, of course.

There are many Redskins fans who have accomplished a level of hatred for Dan Snyder and his "right-hand man" Vinny Cerrato, that they have no intention whatsoever of giving "the Danny" any of their money.

Another point is the reality that the Washington DC area is full of many "transplants," fans from other areas relocate here frequently, and certainly aren't going to change their team affiliation. I know MANY Steeler fans myself, so I can attest to this personally.

Pittsburgh is only about a five-hour drive, their proximity and the successes of the Steelers have simply attracted many football fans, winning can have a profound effect.

Another is related to the reality of the expense of season tickets and attending games . Many Redskins' fans sell some "high-demand" tickets in order to afford their season-ticket package. I can also attest to this myself, as this has been the only way I have been able to attend games.

I spent eight years buying tickets from an acquaintance for two games a year, a preseason game, and a regular season game (from the games he allowed me to choose). They couldn't afford to keep their season tickets any other way.

And this from Dan Steinberg at the Washington Post :

More than 7,000 tickets were purchased on StubHub for the Redskins-Steelers game, the highest number for any NFL game this season, according to Sean Pate, a spokesman for the online ticket vendor. He said nine percent of those buying tickets were from Pennsylvania. As of yesterday, around 3,000 tickets were available on StubHub for Washington's next home game, against the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 16.

Interestingly, only NINE percent of the tickets sold were to residents in Pennsylvania. Of course, Stub Hub isn't the only medium by which fans can sell their tickets, but that's only 630 tickets. Not much of a representation of what we saw Monday night.

So all of this leaves me to conclude that Redskins fans simply didn't bother to support their team very well.

If you are one of the "screw Snyder" fans, or just "didn't feel like dealing with the traffic", then SHAME ON YOU !


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