15 Fighters on the UFC Roster That Fans Love to Hate

Midhun Nair@@MidhunNair_Correspondent IIJuly 24, 2011

15 Fighters on the UFC Roster That Fans Love to Hate

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    Webster's defines hate as an "intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury". Hate is a strong word and is only meant to be used in the most dire of situations.

    Many athletes are destined to be loved, admired and idolized, whereas others are susceptible to being criticized and sometimes even hated for their actions or their personality.

    The worldwide MMA community are unforgiving and relentless and quick to jump to pass judgement on fighters, judges, referees etc. 

    However, some fighters are more prone to criticism than others and the MMA community are quick and often ruthless when giving their opinion on a certain fighter.

    This list contains 15 fighters that are currently on the UFC roster that fans love to hate on, whether it is for their actions, persona or even their fighting style.

    I will tell you right now that the vast majority of fighters are here for their persona i.e. because they are arrogant and obnoxious.

    However, some of those included in this list may surprise you.

    So without further ado, here are fifteen fighters on the UFC roster that fans love to criticize, hate on and are quick to pass judgement on.

Nate Diaz

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    Nate Diaz is a diluted version of his brother, Nick, yet he has still managed to get on the wrong side of many fighters and fans alike, as the video will show.

    The thing about Diaz that gives fans a platform to criticize him is his attitude and "street" mentality which was strongly evident over the time that he competed on The Ultimate Fighter.

    It seems Diaz has not matured from the days of TUF and he continues to attempt to intimidate his opponent, whether it is at weigh-ins or at press conferences.

    There are very few complaints about Diaz's fighting style. He is one of the most entertaining fighters on the roster as he has won the fight of the night award a total of four times with three of those wins coming back to back.

Dan Hardy

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    Dan Hardy, hailing from England, is now fighting for his career following a three fight losing streak.

    Hardy is a very talented trash talker and he has utilized this skill against Marcus Davis and Josh Koscheck, the latter of which, most fans didn't mind being insulted by Hardy.

    However, there is something about Hardy that some fighters do not like. In fact, in this video, Marcus Davis goes as far as to say that he hates Hardy.

    This hatred may lie in the fact that Hardy has an overwhelming amount of self-confidence in his skills and the fact that he won't accept that some aspects of his game, i.e. his wrestling, are not at the calibre of some of the top contenders in the division like Georges St-Pierre.

Diego Sanchez

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    Diego Sanchez is one of the most exciting fighters in MMA. His fight with Clay Guida was voted the fight of the year and he has won the fight of the night award on several occasions.

    Up until recently, Sanchez was vocal about the level of his talents and he truly believed he could defeat any fighter on the planet.

    It was this overconfidence that led to many fans to take a disliking to him.

    He also happens to be one of the weirdest fighters in MMA as the video will show.

Tito Ortiz

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    Tito Ortiz is one of the most iconic figures of the sport and has been around since the early days of the UFC, back in 1997.

    Over the course of his career, he has had three of the most legendary feuds in MMA history against Ken Shamrock, Chuck Liddell and Dana White.

    Tito's excuses following fights that he has lost, are of legend. His most infamous excuse for losing a fight was that he had a fractured skull.

    Ortiz is yet another fighter whose arrogance has irked many a fan. His overconfidence and trash talk has led to many fans favoring his opponent whenever he fights.

    He is also one of the greatest trash talkers in MMA. In this video, Tito barely had to say anything, but what he said made Shamrock transform into a ball of fury and anger.

Michael Bisping

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    Michael Bisping is not at all popular in the United States.

    During his run on The Ultimate Fighter, Bisping was brash, arrogant and loud and this continued up until UFC 100.

    At UFC 100, Bisping was indeed humbled. Fans were united in their dislike for Bisping when Dan Henderson delivered one of the most devastating knockouts in MMA history and he managed to shut Bisping up for a while.

    Up until Bisping was scheduled to face Jorge Rivera, that is.

    You see, Bisping is the kind of guy that complains and moans when a fighter talks about him but then goes ahead and trash talks about other fighters.

    It's like he thinks he is the only person that can talk bad about another fighter and no fighter can talk bad about him. This was evident when Jorge Rivera released videos on YouTube making fun of Bisping.

    In that fight, Bisping threw an illegal knee and spat at Rivera's corner men, displaying terrible sportsmanship and absolutely no respect.

Nick Diaz

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    The infamous Nick Diaz.

    Diaz is a great fighter, but it is his attitude that has made him unpopular with so many fans.

    Diaz truly believes he is not paid enough, he is made to train too much and he is made to work too much.

    He has been involved in feuds with the likes of Jason Miller and has even called out MMA journalist Ariel Helwani.

    He is notorious for being overconfident and ostentatious inside of the cage/ring by repeatedly dropping his guard and daring fighters to hit him.

Anderson Silva

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    There are a number of reasons people love to hate Anderson Silva.

    One reason includes the fact that he is an exceptionally talented fighter who has embarrassed many an opponent including his one-sided beat down of fan favorite, Forrest Griffin and the sheer domination he has shown over other opponents.

    Another reason may be Silva is very humble and respectful outside of the cage but many believe him to showboat and taunt inside the cage. This was evident in the fights against Leites and Maia. In the fight with Maia, Anderson was reluctant to engage but still managed to bloody and bruise Maia in the short time that Anderson actually spent fighting Maia.

    Fans have a love/hate relationship with Anderson. He is one of the most unpredictable and enigmatic fighters, so fans don't know what to expect from him when he steps into the cage.

    When Anderson is motivated, he is a force to be reckoned with. However, he was overconfident and disrespectful when he fought Leites and Maia and he still faces heavy criticism about these performances to this day.

Brock Lesnar

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    Brock Lesnar made the jump from the WWE to the UFC and fans were against him before he even stepped foot inside the octagon.

    Many purist and hardcore MMA fans were against the idea of a pro wrestler fighting in the UFC and they wanted to see someone who used to be involved in what they call "fake" fighting get beat up for real.

    Another reason is that he was given a title shot with a record of 1-1 in the UFC and many felt it was undeserved.

    Yet another reason fans hate him is because of his arrogance and the comments he made towards Randy Couture and Frank Mir which many believed to be disrespectful.

    Despite all of the haters Brock Lesnar has, he is the biggest draw for the UFC and millions of people tune in to watch him fight.

Josh Koscheck

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    Koscheck has the uncanny ability to turn whole cities against him and that is exactly what he did in his war of words with Georges St-Pierre (GSP).

    He insulted the entire city of Montreal when he declared that he would be the one to defeat their hometown hero, GSP. But then he took it one step further when he said that the Penguins would beat the Canadiens. 

    His actions on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter really showed the world what Koscheck was like. Koscheck repeatedly insulted Chris Leben and his childhood which turned the entire audience against Koscheck and made him one of the most hated figures in the sport.

    In fact, this video shows how much of a jerk he is.

Frank Mir

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    There are two different ways in which people perceive Frank Mir. Some see him as arrogant and other perceive him to be someone that tells it like it is. 

    Some of Frank Mir's comments have over stepped the line. He once said he wanted Brock Lesnar to be the first person to die from octagon related injuries, as the video shows.

    Mir's constant smirk on his face and his "better than you" attitude has led to many fighters and fans alike going against Mir.

    Recently, comments have been made that he is losing his touch and his fight with Roy Nelson was the reason for these calls. Many, including the President of the UFC, heavily criticized Mir for being sluggish and slow.

    Skip to 4:50 to hear the death wish.

Matt Hughes

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    Many fans feel Hughes has a superiority complex whereby he talks about how much greater he is than other fighters. This persona may have been derived as a product of the UFC manufacturing him as the most dominant welterweight in history.

    A common criticism of Matt Hughes is that up until recently he was a one dimensional fighter who looked to take his opponent to the ground with his wrestling and then aim to ground and pound his way to victory.

    Furthermore, many believe that Hughes has a "holier than thou" attitude. He has stated many times that he believes it to be God's plan for Hughes to keep winning and dominating the way he is. 

    During his tenure as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter, Hughes was engaged in a war of the words with Matt Serra, whereby he stated that Serra was a bad ambassador for the sport and Serra in turn, thought that Hughes was a bully and overall arrogant person.

Rashad Evans

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    Rashad Evans is a prominent figure in the UFC light heavyweight title picture and is working his way towards a title shot against the winner of the bout between "Rampage" and Jones.

    Rashad Evans is yet another fighter that appears on this list because of his arrogance and cocky attitude.

    Evans has beaten many fan favorites, including "Rampage" Jackson, Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin. The fight against Forrest Griffin, in particular, saw Evans showboating, which rubbed many fans the wrong way.

    Evans was also coaching alongside his rival, "Rampage" Jackson, on The Ultimate Fighter.

    The fact that he was pitted against a fan favorite and hugely popular figure in the sport meant that many fans turned on Evans in favor of "Rampage."

Jon Fitch

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    It's not Jon Fitch's persona or attitude that puts him on this list, it is his style of fighting.

    Fitch is said to have a "grinding" style which means he aims to play it safe and take the fight to a decision, than go for a finish.

    This has led to calls that Fitch is boring and a not very interesting fighter to watch and he is heavily criticized for this reason.

Jon Jones

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    You may be surprised to see Jones here, but let me tell you why he is on this list.

    Personally, I'm a huge fan of Jones. I think he is a great ambassador for the sport and he represents a new generation of young fighters that will take over once the legends have retired.

    However, I can't help but notice the amount of criticism he receives from fans.

    Many fans feel Jones' humble nature is an act and in actuality, he is arrogant and cocky. There is some truth to this, for example, before he even won the title, he signed autographs as the "UFC Champion."

    Others do not like Jones simply because of the dominance he has shown over some fan favorites including Matt Hamill and "Shogun" Rua.

    In this video, Jones explains the story of how he caught a robber on the day of his fight with "Shogun" for the title. Many believe Jones "puts on" a humble act. But what do you think?

Chael Sonnen

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    Do I really need to explain why Chael Sonnen is on this list?

    To sum it up, Chael Sonnen is by far the greatest villain the UFC has ever seen, period. His level of trash talking is one of the greatest in all of sports and he is a great showman/entertainer.

    However, he has made a long list of enemies that include a mixture of all kinds of fighters from different divisions. Some of his most notable enemies include Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, the Nogueira Brothers, Cro-Cop, Brock Lesnar, Georges St-Pierre and even the nations of Brazil and Croatia.

    His comments in interviews, conferences and on the Internet have sparked controversy and anger amongst fans and fighters alike.